PCA: David “Doc” Sands Leads Super High Roller Final Table

David "Doc" Sands carries a massive lead into the final table. (Photo c/o of PokerStars Blog)

Day 2 of the $100,000 Super High Roller at the PokerStars.net Caribbean Adventure has wrapped up action with eight players remaining. It took  just over nine levels of action to trim the Day 2 field from 39 to the final table of eight. Leading the field is David “Doc” Sands after bagging up 6,680,000 – more than twice over second in chips Nick Schulman.

Rounding out the final table are Philipp Gruissem, Greg Jensen, Dan Shak, Scott Seiver, Cary Katz and Vladimir Troyanovsky.

Isaac Haxton, Olivier Busquet, Jeff Gross, Justin Bonomo and Tom Dwan were early casualties of the day. As the day progressed Jason Somerville, Eugene Katchalov, Sam Stein, Jonathan Duhamel and Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier also found the rail.

At dinner break 15 players remained in action following the elimination of Mike Watson, Daniel Negreanu and Tom Marchese. Negreanu found the rail after he opened to 42,000 and Philipp Gruissem called from the big blind. The flop came 2 5 4, Gruissem checked, Negreanu bet 50,000, Gruissem check-raised to 135,000 and Negreanu shoved. Gruissem called and tabled pocket sevens. Negreanu tabled A Q and whiffed when the board completed T 4. Watson was eliminated when his A J ran into Ivey’s pocket queens.

Vivek Rajkumar, Bill Perkins, Fabian Quoss, Steve O’Dwyer, David Benefield and Erik Seidel were all eliminated in action later in the day.

No player has more mystery surrounding him than Greg Jensen. He spoke briefly with BLUFF yesterday and revealed that he entered the tournament on a whim. His stack dwindled in the early levels of today but got lucky in tournament defining spot. Negreanu opened from under the gun, Vladimir Troyanovsky three-bet and Jensen shoved for the remainder of his stack. Negreanu folded and Troyanovsky called, tabling pocket queens. Jensen held pocket fours and hit the flop when it fell 4 T 2. Troyanvosky never caught up and Jensen neared the million chip mark.

Phil Ivey, perhaps the most watched player in the planet, had his tournament come to an end when Sands opened to 57,000 and Ivey called from the big blind. The flop came 5 A 3 and Ivey check-called 64,000. The turn came 6, Ivey checked, Sands bet 177,000 and Ivey check-raised to 557,000. Sands moved all in and Ivey tanked for a few minutes and then called. He tabled 5 2 and was behind Sands’ A 5, but had almost every draw in the book. The river came 6 and Ivey was eliminated as Sands took over the chip lead at the time with 3,000,000.

Sands continued his strong play and eliminated Vanessa Selbst in one of the largest hands of the tournament. Sands opened for 64,000 in late position and Selbst called from the cutoff. The blinds released, the flop came J 4 2 and Sands bet 84,000. Selbst raised to 233,000, Sands called and the turn came Q. Sands then check-called 347,000 and the river fell 5. Sands checked again and Selbst moved all in for 1.2 million. Sands snap-called, tabled A 2 and Selbst showed her bluff gone wrong with 7 5. Sands lengthened his chip lead on the field with more than twice the next closest player.

The unofficial final table of nine players was reached when PokerStars Team Pro Jason Mercier was eliminated. He staked his tournament life on A 8 and was up against Nick Schulman’s pocket  kings. The board ran 7 9 J 5 Q and Mercier was eliminated. The field was combined to a single table where the next player eliminated would be on the short end of a $228,960 money bubble.

The unfortunate bubble boy would be Antonio Esfandiari. He opened for 90,000 from early position, Sands raised to 170,000, the blinds released and Esfandiari committed his last 850,000 to the pot. Sands called, tabling A K and was ahead of Esfandiari’s A J. The board ran 6 3 5 2 2 and Esfandiari was the last player eliminated without collecting a payout.

$100,000 Super High Roller Final Table Chip Counts

  1. David “Doc” Sands – 6,680,000
  2. Nick Schulman – 2,295,000
  3. Philipp Gruissem – 1,610,000
  4. Greg Jensen – 1,500,000
  5. Dan Shak – 870,000
  6. Scott Seiver – 755,000
  7. Cary Katz – 540,000
  8. Vladimir Troyanovsky – 505,000
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