PCA: Shaun Deeb Leads High Roller Final Table

Shaun Deeb leads High Roller Final Table.

Day 2 of the PokerStars.net Caribbean Adventure $25,000 High Roller wrapped up a long day of action that saw entries grow to 204 players. A handful of players registered before the start of play and a total of 44 re-entries. After the final hand was dealt Shaun Deeb held the chip lead with 2,400,000.

Rounding out the final table are Vanessa Selbst, Vladimir Troyanovsky, Ole Schemion, Mike Watson, Tobias Reinkenmeier, Bryn Kenney and Micah Raskin.

Carlos Mortenesn, Jason Koon, Sam Stein, Mickey Petersen, Christian Harder, Daniel Negreanu, Matt Glantz, Mohsin Charania, Shannon Shorr, Ben Lamb, Isaac Haxton and Justin Bonomo all did not survive the day.

The day began with a flurry of action with some new blood entering the tournament. Phil Hellmuth, Bill Perkins, Vivek Rajkumar and Zach Clark all entered this morning while Olivier Busquet and Joe Elpayaa both re-entered the event. Perkins’ day was not long, he maybe clocked a single orbit around the table before busting. He ran his A 3 into Troyanovsky’s pocket jacks. The board ran Q 8 8 2 Q and Perkins paid around $1,000 per minute to play today.

Mortensen was eliminated early in the day when he shoved preflop with A K and Ty Reiman called with pocket jacks. The board ran 9 8 4 5 6 and Mortensen was sent to the rail. Another quick elimination came when Bonomo’s pocket eights couldn’t outflop Bryn Kenney’s pocket nines.

Raskin went on a heater midway through the day and it all started when he eliminated Mizrachi. All the chips went in on the turn with a board of K 8 4 6. Mizrachi held top pair with K Q and Raskin held Q Q. The 5 fell on the river and Raskin’s flush eliminated the Grinder.

Then Raskin flopped the nut flush holding A 6 against an unknown opponent’s baby flush to move over one million chips. Just moments later he eliminated Ben Lamb when they got it all in preflop. Raskin held Q 9, Lamb had K Q and the board ran A 9 4 7 4.

Koon suffered a one-two punch from Sam Stein that led to his elimination. The key hand occurred when Stein four-bet shoved preflop and Koon called with pocket queens. Stein tabled pocket kings and watched the board ran K 4 3 7 8 and Koon was left with just 3,000 chips. The next hand Koon shoved with K T and Stein called with K Q. Koon never caught up and was eliminated.

The money line was drawn at 24 players and the last player eliminated without a payout was Nicholas Petrangelo. Hand-for-hand play only lasted four hands and Petrangelo moved all in from early position for 79,000 holding pocket nines and action folded around to Shawn Buchanan in the big blind. He called holding pocket jacks and watched the board run A 8 3 7 J and the field was in the money.

Deeb grabbed the chip lead late in the day when he opened for 45,000, Schemion called and Raskin made it 95,000 to go from the button. The blinds released, Deeb re-raised to 295,000, Schemion folded and Raskin called. The flop came 9 7 2, Deeb bet 255,000 and Raskin quickly called. The turn came 8, Deeb tank-shoved and Raskin snap-called with pocket fives. Deeb tabled pocket aces, watched the river come 2 and was up to 2.4 million.

Chris Klodnicki would bubble the final table when he opened for 40,000, Watson moved all in from the small blind and Klodnicki called. Watson turned up pocket aces, Klodnicki tabled A J and the board ran 9 5 2 8 2. Klodnicki was eliminated and the final table was set.

$25,000 High Roller Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Shaun Deeb – 2,536,000
  2. Vladimir Troyanovsky – 1,625,000
  3. Mike Watson – 1,620,000
  4. Vanessa Selbst – 1,512,000
  5. Ole Schemion – 1,227,000
  6. Tobias Reinkenmeier – 876,000
  7. Bryn Kenney – 484,000
  8. Micah Raskin – 389,000
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