PCA: Vanessa Selbst Wins High Roller for $1.4 Million

Vanessa Selbst is now the winningest female player of all time.

The final day of the PokerStars.net Caribbean Adventure $25,000 High Roller has come to end and exceeded all expectations. The field attracted 160 players and generated 44 re-entries which swelled the prize pool to just short of $5 million. The day began with eight players returning to fight for the $1,424,420 first place prize and in the end it was Vanessa Selbst walking away with the title.

With the win Selbst is now the winningest female tournament player of all time with close to $7 million in her career. “It was the toughest final table I’ve ever played at,” Selbst said. “Woman are succeeding at the same rate as men are. There’s plenty of room for women to get involved in this game.”

The table began with fireworks and the first dozen hands saw three players get eliminated. Micah Raskin entered the final table with the smallest stack and was the first to be sent to the rail. Ole Schemion opened for 48,000 in early position with pocket queens and Raskin shoved in late position holding A J. Schmeion called and the board ran K J 9 7 7 despite Raskin’s plea to the dealer for an ace.

The next elimination occurred while Raskin was taping his bustout interview. Schmeion opened for 48,000 again and  Tobias Reinkemeier raised to 130,00 from the button. The blinds released, Schemion moved all in and Reinkemeier called with A K. Schemion was in a flip situation with pocket eights but came out on the positive side when the board ran an uneventful J 4 4 2 9.

Schemion carried his momentum into the next elimination where he opened again for 48,000 and the short-stacked Bryn Kenney moved all in with pocket eights. Schemion snap-called with pocket jacks and hit the flop hard when it spread J 4 4. Kenney needed runner-runner cards to stay alive but bricked when the board completed 5 3. Schemion grabbed the early chip lead after three eliminations in short order.

But his lead wouldn’t last for too long when Selbst looked down to see pocket kings and opened for 50,000. Schemion called from the big blind with A 8 and watched the flop fall K T 6. Both players checked to the T turn and Schemion bet 67,000. Selbst raised to 141,00 and Schemion called to see the 2 river. Schemion tapped the table, Selbst bet 465,000 and Schemion moved all in. Selbst insta-called, chipped up to nearly 3,000,000 and passed Shaun Deeb for the chip lead.

An uneventful hour passed before Mike Watson and Shaun Deeb got into a poker fan’s dream hand. Watson opened from under the gun to 65,000, Deeb three-bet to 155,000 on the button and Watson called. The flop came A Q 9, Watson checked, Deeb bet 138,000 and Watson called. The turn came A, Watson checked again, as did Deeb. The river came 2, Watson finally bet – to the tune of 400,000 – and Deeb called after some thought. Deeb held K Q but Watson had gin when he tabled A A for quads. “That’s the worst call I’ve ever made,” Deeb said after the hand.

The next elimination occurred 20 minutes later when Selbst raised to 75,000 in the small blind with A K. Deeb called from the big blind with A T. The flop came T 3 2, Selbst led out for 60,000, Deeb made it 208,000 and Selbst played back and made it 465,000 to go. Deeb moved all in for just over 1.5 million and Selbst tank-called after a long stew. When she saw Deebs hand she said, “I leveled myself into calling.” The turn came 9 and nothing changed but the river fell K. Selbst hit a three-outer to eliminate Deeb in fifth place and looked shocked when the card hit.

The next elimination occurred shortly after Deeb exited the stage when Vladimir Troyanovsky – who also final tabled the $100,000 Super High Roller – opened to 85,000 and Schemion raised to 200,000 on the button. Watson called from the small blind and Troyanovsky let his hand go. The flop came K J 4, Watson bet 100,000 and Schemion called leaving just a few thousand behind. The turn came J and the last few chips went into the pot. Watson tabled pocket queens and Schemion held pocket fives. The river came K and Schemion was eliminated.

The final table continued to roll when Watson opened to 80,000 on the button and Selbst raised to 210,000 from the small blind. Watson called to see the A 9 8 flop and Selbst bet 260,000. Watson called, the Q came on the turn, Selbst checked and Watson bet 320,000. Selbst called, the river came 2 and she checked again. Watson moved all in and Selbst snap-called with K Q for a flush and Watson’s K J was useless.

Heads up play began with Selbst holding 7,796,000 and Troyanovsky with 2,405,000 and for an hour Selbst steadily chipped away at Troyanovsky until he was down to 720,000. Then he open-shoved with pocket jacks and Selbst called with J T. She never caught up and the Russian doubled to 1.45 million. He then doubled a second time 15 minutes later with A 9 on an ace-high flop when Selbst had a Broadway draw.

On the last hand Troyanovsky was down to 1.7 million and opened to 125,000. Selbst raised to 290,000, Troyanovsky four-bet to 550,000, Selbst moved all in and Troyanovsky called. Selbst tabled A Q and Troyanovsky flipped over pocket kings. The board ran 2 2 8 T A and with the ace on the river Selbst grabbed the title and rewrote the history books.

PCA $25,000 High Roller Final Table Payouts

  1. Vanessa Selbst – $1,424,420
  2. Vladimir Troyanovsky – $792,180
  3. Mike Watson – $462,320
  4. Ole Schemion – $354,860
  5. Shaun Deeb – $289,880
  6. Bryn Kenney – $229,900
  7. Tobias Reinkemeier – $174,940
  8. Micah Raskin – $129,940
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