Phil Ivey Works For 10th Bracelet; Ladies Event Kicks Off It’s Heels

Amanda Musumeci has already accumulated a nice stack of chips on Day 1 of the Ladies Championship. (Drew Amato Photo)

Amanda Musumeci has already accumulated a nice stack of chips on Day 1 of the Ladies Championship. (Drew Amato Photo)

Just yesterday, it was the Monsters that were everywhere; in the hallways, packing the parking lot, and filling up the rooms. Friday at the Rio saw a different kind of take-over. Normally in the minority as the World Series of Poker, women are sometimes forced to give up their bathroom in the main hallway on the weekends because the men’s bathroom is not sufficient enough to accommodate the masses. This weekend would be a different story, as the Ladies No Limit Hold’em Event shuffled and dealt out the first cards at noon.

The Monster Stack returned at 3 pm with over 3,800 players still in the field, a monstrosity for the tournament directors trying to find space for all the running events. The Limit Hold’em event also returned for Day 2 with just over 70 players still left to fight for the win. The Eight Game Mix and $5,000 NLH events both moved into Day 3, with the hopes of crowning a champion tonight. The last tournament on the schedule would be the Pot Limit Omaha that would begin at 6 pm, after the Monster tournament had eliminated a bit more of the field.

$5,000 No Limit Hold’em

The 49th event of the WSOP with just 23 players left, hoping to take home that first place prize of $719,707. At the end of Day 2, it was Margareta Morris who took down the chip lead, bagging 805,000 after winning a massive pot from Melanie Weisner. Closely trailing Morris is a cast of good players, with Jason Koon (616,000) and Josh Arieh (267,000) among the mix. Play resumed at 1 pm, with all the remaining players guaranteed $22,309 if they were the next to be eliminated; the competitors are set to play a full ten levels, unless the tournament can establish a winner before the levels have been completed.

Four hours later and nine players have been eliminated from the secondary stage where the event is streaming live; Jason Koon was the last to leave the Amazon Room and join Daniel Colman, Melanie Weisner, Anthony Spinella, and Jeremy Kottler. Josh Arieh would be the last to bust out of the event before 6 pm (PST), exiting the event in 12th place, and collecting $43,081 for his effort. Here is a list of the chip counts for the remaining 11 players:

  1. Blake Bohn – 1,570,000
  2. Oliver Price – 1,480,000
  3. Margareta Morris – 1,270,000
  4. Kevin MacPhee – 1,260,000
  5. Jeremy Wien -1,150,000
  6. David Miscikowski – 915,000
  7. Norbert Szecsi – 635,000
  8. Manig Loeser – 518,000
  9. John Dolan – 496,000
  10. Jean Gaspard – 307,000
  11. Timur Margolin – 260,000

$1,500 Eight Game Mix

After busting the $50,000 Poker Player’s Championship, Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu decided to jump into this smaller version of the event. Little did they know, they would have much more success in this one; both players have already made it to the final 14 competitors and returned on Friday afternoon at 2 pm to fight for the bracelet and first place cash of $167,332. Ironically, it is another familiar name that would lead the group back to the tables in the Amazon Room; Dan Heimiller bagged up the chip lead with 227,000, as he hopes to win his second bracelet for the summer, after banking the Senior’s Championship a few weeks back.

By 5:30 pm (PST), the tournament had lost seven players, with Negreanu busting out right after making it to the final table; he would finish in 9th place for $8,996. Phil Ivey had taken over the chip lead, with a cast of killer players still right behind him. Here is a list of the players chip counts headed into the evening:

  1. Phil Ivey – 570,000
  2. Stephen Chidwick – 535,000
  3. Aaron Steury – 470,000
  4. Dan Heimiller – 180,000
  5. Bruce Yamron – 180,000
  6. Yuebin Guo – 115,000
  7. Christoph Haller – 60,000

$1,500 No Limit Hold’em Monster Stack

The Monster Stack ruled the halls of the Rio on Thursday afternoon as masses of players hit the floors to find their seats in one of the many rooms of the conference center. The event was so large that a second flight was announced already on Wednesday evening; instead of just the 12 pm flight of the event, which was sold out before Thursday even rolled around, they added an additional flight at 5 pm for anyone that would still be interested in playing the event. By the end of Day 1, the event had drawn in 7,862 total players, with some of the last players unable to enter the event until 10:40 pm.

Thursday afternoon, the 3,826 players that survived the first day from both of the flights would return at 3 pm to play out ten levels, without a dinner break to many of the players’ dismay. The event created a massive prize pool, totaling $10,613,700; this left $1,327,083 for the first place winner, and guaranteed 792 players $2,759.

The Monster Stack has some big names that have accumulated heaps of chips throughout the two days of play. Here are some players and their stacks at 5 pm (PST):

  • John Monnette – 205,000
  • Soi Nguyen – 124,000
  • Justin Gardenhire – 121,000
  • Joseph Cheong – 115,000
  • Ole Schemion – 81,300
  • Jeff Madsen – 81,000
  • Ryan Riess – 62,300
  • Max Silver – 53,800
  • Oliver Busquet – 48,000

$10,000 Limit Hold’em

The largest buy-in limit tournament this summer kicked off on Thursday afternoon; only 71 players survived the day and returned to the event on Friday. The normal slew of poker professionals were bracelet hunting, with David Chiu, Brian Tate, and Antonio Esfandiari would all be at the top of the list with a decent stack of chips. Although their goal is to take home the $303,909, the players first have their eyes set on the min-cash of $16,273 that the last 18 players are guaranteed.

By 6 pm (PST) there were still more than enough players left in the event. Here are the top ten chip stacks in the event:

  1. David Chiu – 237,000
  2. Mikail Tulchinskiy – 170,000
  3. Brian Meinders – 168,000
  4. Jeff Thompson – 150,000
  5. Greg Debora – 140,000
  6. Kenny Shei – 139,000
  7. David Olson – 131,000
  8. Samuel Golbuff – 125,000
  9. Paul Mannoni – 114,000
  10. David Steicke – 110,000

$10,000 No Limit Hold’em Ladies Championship

This is the one event of the series where the female competitors receive a huge discount to play the tournament; the ladies only have to put up $1,000 to enter the event, however their male companions would be forced to put up the $10,000 buy-in if they wanted to compete. Last year’s winner has already returned and is seated in the event; Kristen Bicknell won the largest cash of her career with a win in this event, earning her first WSOP gold bracelet and $173,922. Last year’s event brought in 954 players, a little bit higher then what have accumulated so far this year, topping out at 775 with just two levels left before registration would come to a close.

By 6 pm, with registration still open for another level, 330 players remain out of the starting field of 784. Some professional ladies still seen throughout the crowds, and have decent stacks include:

  • Jennifer Shahade – 8,000
  • Loni Harwood – 6,300
  • Amanda Musumeci – 10,500
  • Cyndy Violette – 5,200
  • Xuan Liu – 10,000
  • Kristy Arnett – 13,000

$3,000 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo

Instead of the normal late start for the evening, the PLO event would be pushed back to start at 6 pm on Friday evening. Because the Monster Stack was so huge, and took up all the extra space in all of the rooms, the day would need to progress a little for there to be room to host the event.

Last year’s event was won by Russian Vladimir Schemelev, who overpowered 434 competitors to take home the $279,094 first place cash prize. Because of the delayed start, the event will only hold eight levels of play tonight instead of the normal 10-11 levels for a Day 1. Some big names showed up early to start the event: Daniel Negreanu, who had busted out of the Eight Game Mix, hopped in the event, along with Joe Hachem, Ari Engel, Barry Greenstein, James Obst, Robert Mizrachi and Mike Leah all joined in and took their seats for the event.

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