Players Give Their First Impressions of Their Colossus Experience

The Colossus has officially taken over the Rio, with 10’s of thousands of players set to take one or multiple shots at a tournament that’s likely to exceed a $10 million prizepool when all is said and done.

With so many poker players in one place for Flight A alone, veteran poker players and a healthy amount of first-timers provided a wide spectrum of opinions and experiences – and, being that it’s 2015, a lot of them took to Twitter to share.

Their stories and experiences provide insight into just what’s running through the minds of poker players in the earliest stages of what’s already the biggest live tournament in history.

With eyes towards accommodating every player in the field, staff even placed tables in the dining room portion of the Poker Kitchen – although Jamie Kerstetter theorized there might have been ulterior motives.

Once players reached their seats, some found familiar faces…

…while others enjoyed some celebrity sightings.

With such a massive group of people, there are some serious infrastructure issues to be dealt with, and people went to great lengths to try to beat the crowds. Registration lines have stretched on with wait times of well over an hour for most of the last few days, but timing can be everything.

That’s especially true when it comes to beating the rush for limited restroom real estate…

…although it might have been to avoid the worst of the problems such a large group tends to cause.

The other major issue with so many people descending on the Rio was where to put all their cars. Luckily for Leo Wolpert, who was coming back to play Day 2 of the $3,000 Shootout, he found a solution.

Others decided to avoid the problem altogether and take part in another massive event taking place this weekend in Las Vegas.

With players spread out through the entirety of the Rio – including the casino’s poker room, which is more than 10 minutes away – breaking tables was also an adventure. One likely inexperienced player committed a cardinal sin of breaking tables and cost himself dearly in one such move.

While at least one player inadvertently lost their stack, other players gave away chips in more conventional ways.

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