Players Ready to Return for Day 3 Thursday as Day 2C Ends

There was a bit of controversy at this table near the end of Day 2C but Will Failla did not let it ruin his mood as he bagged chips for the night. (Photo by Jay Newnum)

There was a bit of controversy at this table near the end of Day 2C but Will Failla did not let it ruin his mood as he bagged chips for the night. (Photo by Jay Newnum)

The third starting day of the 2013 WSOP Main Event saw the largest turnout and as such, the third Day 2 – Day 2C – also had the largest second day, but the eliminations began quickly and the field steadily narrowed as the five two-hour levels played out.

After missing Day 1C entirely, Tom Dwan and Gus Hansen both made early exits, Mark Kroon and Michael Mizrachi traded back and forth for the chiplead and dreams became one step closer or completely faded away for the rest of the field before the chips were finally bagged for the night.

All players who survived their respective Day 2s will combine Thursday and from among them the 2013 WSOP Main Event winner will emerge.

Great Day For Mark Kroon 

“It’s been unbelievable to have back-to-back days as the chip leader. After all the years of doing this and then to have all this success in a $10,000 Main Event is just overwhelming. It’s unbelievable,” Mark Kroon said of his 510,000 stack which appeared to be the unofficial chiplead.

“We got so long to go and I’ve just been running like a god. I’ve got to say this quietly I don’t want them to hear, my table was so weak and my table draws have been really good. The fact that I’ve got so many chips has really been a blessing.”

“I started off today with Gus Hansen at the table and it was really good because people just stopped playing hands because they wanted the Gus Hansen experience.”

“Are You On Meth?!” – Controversy on Table 430

We found Will Failla and Carl Halling heads up on the turn on a board of A 8 3 T. Failla checked, Halling bet 6,800 and Failla check-raised to 14,000. Halling called and the river came T. Failla fired out 21,000, leaving himself about 20,000 behind, and Halling tanked for a solid five minutes.

Ultimately Halling folded and that’s where things got weird. Failla sent his cards back to the dealer and they only got about halfway. The player in Seat 8 pulled one of Failla’s cards and peeked or imitated peeking at the card.

The player in Seat Six saw that and went to grab Failla’s other card to turn it over and Failla instantly got angry.

“Yo, are you on meth?!” Failla snapped angrily. “You can’t look at my card.”

The player snapped back with “Are you on meth? That guy (pointing at Seat 8) peeked at your other card.”

An argument ensued between the two players with Failla getting very heated. A few moments later a floorman arrived to listen to each player’s case.

He basically told both players to mind your manners and not to touch any other players’ cards.

Failla chipped up to around 80,000 after winning the pot.

Nate Silver Eliminated

Stats guru and political analyst Nate Silver was hanging on for quite some time on a short stack, but then disaster struck. With 23,000 already in the pot on an A 6 2 J board, Silver check-called a bet of 8,500, leaving himselv with 20,600. The river was the Q, Silver bet 10,000 and his opponent raised to 31,000, effectively putting him all in. Silver tanked for nearly six minutes before folding, leaving himself with 10,600, less than nine big blinds.

Silver paid and folded his big blind. On the next hand Brad Myers opened to 2,800 and Silver three-bet all in for 8,400. Myers called and it was his A 2 against Silver’s J 9. Silver was in big trouble after the A 5 2 flop, and he was drawing dead as the Q fell on the turn. The river was the Q and Silver packed his bags and headed to the rail.

Tryba’s Lucky…Hat?

Chris Tryba is one of the biggest personalities touring the circuit today. He’s big, he’s loud and funny as hell. He has a bracelet and excels at Stud and Mixed games. He’s also known for his lucky hat.

Except his nine-year old hat is more a gathering of strings, material and worn bill. He’s had the hat for nine years and was just spotted playing with a naked head.

“Hey Chris, what happens when you’re not wearing your hat?” a player at the table asked.

“Oh, it’s right here,” he said as he pulls it out from his back pocket. “And it was touching me so it counts.”

Tryba has also been seen over the past two year with a green John Deere hat.

“That’s my backup lucky hat,” Tryba said. “I’ll wear that when this one is unwearable. You wouldn’t believe how comfortable this hat hat is.”

Tryba popped on the hat and went back to playing cards feeling a little luckier.

JC Tran Folds to Stay Alive

We missed most of the action but we found JC Tran facing a huge re-raise that would have committed his whole stack. The board was T 4 3 3 K and Tran had bet 14,400 on the river. His opponent raised him about 30,000 more and Tran tanked for a while. Tran had room to only shove or fold and chose the latter. His opponent lifted his cards to show pocket fours for a full house. Tran said he folded a three and went below 50,000.

The Orient Express Gaining Steam

Johnny Chan opened to 2,700 and found three callers – Seats 8, 9 and 4. The flop fell T 6 6, action checked to Seat 8 and he bet 5,100. Chan was the only caller and the 4 hit on the turn. Both players checked and the river came 2. Chan tabled pocket sevens, Seat 8 mucked and Chan’s stack is up to 160,000 after dragging the pot.

So Long Summer

Ryan Tepen @RyanTepen

“Didn’t happen, gg wsop. See you next year. #Tepenout”

David Stefanski @DaveStefanski

“Coolered to bust..KK”

Brent Hanks ‏@Bhanks11

“Busted the main, so going to do what I do best…Drinking with @basebaldy and @GttnLizzieWitIt. #keno”

Tommy Vedes ‏@HalloumoBatsos

“Grinded the 2 longest days of my life @WSOP main event then get rivered for my stack. #doublefistedfacemassage”

Steve Ryan @SteveRyanPoker

“Unfortunately I busted in the last few hands of day before bag and tag…. In a little bit of a daze with how long I grinded and abrupt end”

Jay Rosenkrantz ‏@DCkrantz

“Busto on final hand. Open KQ, sb rr I call. K24r, b/c. J, b/c. River 5, all in. If I fold I have 47k. I call, he has AA, gg #WSOP”

Notable Chip Counts

Mark Kroon – 507,300
Dick Van Luije – 435,000
Michael Mizrachi – 394,600
Martin Tonneson – 322,300
Jean-Robert Bellande – 320,900
Christian Harder – 304,500
Jason Tompkins 297,300
Vivek Rajkumar – 287,400
Vimy Ha 238,700
Marcel Luske – 226,100
Greg Sessler 221,900
Jamie Armstrong 217,500
Benny Chen 213,800
Allen Cunningham – 203,300
Victor Sbrissa 189,000
Jake Cody 160,000
Owen Crowe 155,000
Marvin Rettenmaier – 127,800
Tim Finne 125,600
Isaac Haxton 106,000
Bill Gazes – 90,700
Haralabos Voulgaris – 87,400
Robert Mizrachi 78,600
Max Steinberg – 39,000

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