DAILY BUZZ: Trash Talkin’ G, Mysterious Ways, Victory Poker Launch

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FullFlush, Tony G ramp up the trash talk

One of the great things about made-for-TV poker is that the producers can pick players who, how shall we say this, have the potential for on-screen fireworks. The producers of the upcoming PartyPoker Premier League IV have made their event no exception to the rule by choosing Tony G and Luke “FullFlush” Schwartz for this season’s lineup, and just as planned the two have already started a war of words.

The G-man got things going with a blog entry last week describing Schwartz with a few garden-variety knocks: the kid’s rude and obnoxious, can’t wait to bust him from the table, yadda yadda yadda. Schwartz fired back saying G’s words were “LOLz all round,” and that he would “destroy that joker at the table.”

No good professional wrestler, er, poker player will let something like that go untouched, and the G’s response was perfectly in character: he’ll be bringing his bike for the other players to leave on as he busts them out but a tricycle for FullFlush. “You aren’t off stabilizers yet mate! You will need three wheels to keep firmly on the ground,” he wrote. “You have a lot to learn about heart and commitment to the game. I think I paid you a compliment by saying that you were the new Devilfish – the Fish has the game to back up the mouth.”

Keep an eye on FullFlush – if the script holds, he’ll be delivering more insults to the G sometime soon.

(War of words between Tony G and ‘_FullFlush_’ hots up – Bluff Europe)

Negreanu: Poker sponsorship “works in mysterious ways”

The WPT got a fascinating conversation on tape between Daniel Negreanu and Kathy Liebert in the hallway at the WPT Southern Poker Championship at Beau Rivage in Biloxi this week. Negreanu talks about the way sponsorships work in the poker world and naturally ends up honing in on the fact that Liebert, a successful professional in every sense of the term, isn’t sponsored.

“Kathy Liebert, without question, the last 10 or 15 years, there’s not another woman who is even on the same radar in terms of tournament success,” Negreanu says in the video. “It’s true. Consistently every year she’s always there, she does well. And you don’t toot your own horn like a hooo-ore, you handle yourself with class. But the poker world works in mysterious ways. It’s not just about what you’ve won.”

From there the conversation turns to Annie Duke, and – well, it’s best just to let you go check out the video for yourself. A tip of the hat to Dan at Pokerati, who made sure to share this one with the world over on YouTube before the the memory hole tried to swallow it up.

Victory Poker joining the online poker market

Rumors about Alec Torelli’s departure from the Brunson 10 last month centered on him joining on with a new online poker room called Victory Poker. Now the rumors can be confirmed, as Victory Poker has announced it is officially opening for business on February 1st.

Torelli is indeed a member of the team, and he’s joined by an accomplished crew of fellow pros. Antonio Esfandiari is the main man on Team Victory. Lee Markholdt and Paul Wasicka have come over from Full Tilt, and 2008 Bluff Online Player of the Year David “The Maven” Chicotsky is on board along with other online pros like Andrew Robl.

Victory is getting its name out there in what’s by now a time-tested method for online poker rooms: UFC fighter Randy Couture will wear its logo at UFC 109. The new room is also putting on the Trash Talk Championship of the World Straddle Tournament at Hard Rock in Las Vegas on February 6th – too bad they didn’t invite Tony G and Luke Schwartz along for the fun!

(Victory Poker Launches February 1st – Poker News Daily)

Around the Table

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