DAILY BUZZ: Michael Phelps, Skydiving Sebok, Ala. Poker Stabbing

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Michael Phelps at Borgata

Michael Phelps playing the 2010 Borgata Winter Open (Photo: Borgata Poker Blog)

Michael Phelps playing the 2010 Borgata Winter Open (Photo: Borgata Poker Blog)

Fourteen-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps isn’t just known in poker circles for hitting Carter King’s bong; he also enjoys playing the game himself and has had a fair bit of success in the past. It wasn’t a big surprise, then, when he turned up for the Borgata Winter Open’s heads-up tournament in Atlantic City.

Phelps won his first two matches of the double-elimination tournament before losing to Jeff Madsen in the third round. His first matchup in the losers bracket was 2006 WSOP Main Event runner-up Paul Wasicka, whom Phelps dispatched to move on to the fifth round against 2007 US Poker Championship winner Adam Gerber. Once again Phelps was able to pull out a win, but he finally faltered in the sixth round, falling to Basilios Diakokomninos.

The Olympian busted out one round shy of the cash, but he showed once again that he’s got chops at the poker table. When’s somebody going to get this guy a sponsorship?

Go jump out of a plane – Joe Sebok’s got your back

Players who want to hang out with Joe Sebok for a bit can win the chance to do so in a special freeroll at UB next month. There’s just one catch: if you win, you’ll get most of your Seebs time after leaping out the door of an airplane. The “Sebok’s Leap of Faith” freeroll is scheduled for February 17th and will have $2,000 in cash and prizes for winners, but the big winner will win a skydiving trip with Sebok.

“Winning money at poker is great, obviously, and it’s why we play the game in addition to the thrill of winning, competition, etc., but let’s come up with something more,” Sebok wrote on his blog yesterday. “I always wanted to give winners in tournaments something more than cash, something that they can’t do just anywhere, and finally I can. Let me tell you, you haven’t lived until you have seen the Strip off in the distance rocketing up at you at 200 mph. Sick!”

The tournament will require a password to enter; it will be posted on the UB Twitter account sometime before the freeroll begins, so you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled in that direction if skydiving’s your bag.

Alabama: Where poker players pay their debts (or else)

If this guy offers to loan you cash, you might be better off saying no.

If this guy offers to loan you cash, you might be better off saying no.

There are some places where a $300 poker debt is no big deal. Apparently Mobile, Ala., is not one of those places.

Richard Johnson, the 53-year-old manager of an establishment called the Sports Bar and Grill (which is kind of like naming your poker room Poker Room), confronted an unidentified man who had borrowed the money from him at a poker game and demanded immediate payment of the debt. The man refused to pay and then turned away, at which point police say Johnson drew a knife and stabbed him three times from behind – once in the back, once in the arm, and once in his leg.

Johnson was arrested by Mobile police on Wednesday night and charged with first-degree assault. He was released after posting $7,500 bail. The stabbing victim was treated at a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

(Sports bar manager charged with stabbing man over $300 poker debt – al.com)

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