Raffaele Sorrentino Leads Remaining 130 Players to EPT London Day 3

Raeffaele Soreentino leads the remaining 130 players to Day 3 of EPT London. (Photo by Neil Stoddart)

Raeffaele Soreentino leads the remaining 130 players to Day 3 of EPT London. (Photo by Neil Stoddart)

Raffaele Sorrentino amassed the largest stack after the last cards were dealt for Day 2 of the EPT London Main Event. Only two other players crossed the 400,000 chip-mark – Sebastian Pauli and David Cabrera – as 130 surviving players move on to Day 3 to fight for the 95 spots that pay.

Four Team PokerStars Pros finished near the top of the counts – Johnny Lodden, Jake Cody, Liv Boeree and Marc-Andre Ladouceur. Other big stacks include Kevin MacPhee, Chris Moorman, Martin Staszko, Sam Trickett and Theo Jorgensen.

Ole Schemion, Dan Colman, Shannon Shorr, Jason Mercier, Vicky Coren Mitchell, Dominik Panka and Marvin Rettenmaier did not survive the day.

Trickett doubled up in one of the last hands of the evening after Kamal Choraria opened and Trickett moved in behind him. Choraria called with Q J and Trickett was in a classic flip holding pocket fours. The board ran Q 8 3 7 4 and the river saved Trickett’s tournament. He stacked up 160,000 after the hand and ended the day with a below average stack.

Mercier was eliminated late in the day after making top pair with J T, but Cabrera flopped a set and turned a full house with pocket treys.

MacPhee joined the tournament leaders when he cracked Viktors Caikins’ pocket aces. All the money went in preflop, MacPhee tabled pocket sevens and the board ran his way with K 5 4 6 7.

Shorr was crippled with six big blinds and his last few bets in preflop holding T 9. Unfortunately he had to beat two players to survive – Andre Dos Santos with Q 6 and Miguel Riera with Q 9. The board ran A K 6 2 3, Dos Santos tripled up and Shorr was eliminated.

Current November Niner Andoni Larrabe got some time in on the felt before the big dance in Vegas. But he busted in the ultimate cooler – he was all in preflop holding pocket kings and Miltiadis Kyriakides called with pocket aces. The board ran Q J 5 5 9 and Larrabe was sent to the rail.

Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Raffaele Sorrentino – 491,400
  2. Sebastian Pauli – 419,500
  3. David Cabrera – 418,500
  4. Jareth East – 395,000
  5. Sergio Aido – 357,700
  6. Simon Deadman – 345,900
  7. Artur Koren – 343,300
  8. Alexander Trevallion – 334,500
  9. Anatoly Filatov – 318,400
  10. Ezequiel Macho – 307,00
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