Randy Bowie Tops Day 1A of WPT Legends of Poker Main Event

Randy Bowie leads the Day 1A WPT Legends of Poker field. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

Randy Bowie leads the Day 1A WPT Legends of Poker field. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

The World Poker Tour kicked off the Legends of Poker Main Event at the Bicycle Casino with 156 players taking to the felt. After ten levels of action Randy Bowie leads the remaining 52 players of the 156 entrants who took to the felt with 217,800.

Former WPT champs Matt Salsberg and Scott Clements landed inside the top counts, along with Ryan Riess and Jason Dewitt. Other notable players moving on Day 2 include JC Tran, Garrett Greer, Mike Sexton and Joe Tehan.

Jordan Cristos, Andy Frankenberger, Amit Makhija, Joseph Cheong, Will Failla, Alex Masek, Tony Dunst, David Tuchman, Dan Heimiller and Freddy Deeb did not survive the action, but will be free to fire another bullet.

Bowie secured the chip lead on one of the last hands of the evening against Chris Moorman. Bowie held pocket kings in the big blind and Moorman shoved with pocket queens on the button. Bowie’s kings held and Moorman was sent to the rail on the bad side of a 165,000 chip pot.

Defending champion Cristos earned $613,355 for his win in 2013 and he’ll have to use Day 1B to try to return to the final table. He was eliminated at the hands of Mohsin Charania when they clashed preflop. Cristos committed his stack holding pocket jacks and Charania called holding pocket queens. The board ran 5 4 2 9 7, Charania’s queens held and Cristos was sent to the rail.

Eskandari helped secure his big stack with a key hand late in the day. He went to a flop of T 8 7 with three other players. Following a couple of checks, Eskandari bet and one player called. The turn came 2 Eskandari bet, his opponent called and the river came 3. Both players checked and Eskandari tabled 9 6 for a flopped straight and chipped up to over 200,000.

Makhija found himself on the short end of a huge three-way pot. He was all in preflop against two other players holding pocket jacks. His opponnents held pocket queens and pocket kings respectively. The board ran K K 6 A 7 and quad kings sent Makhija to the rail.

Day 1A Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Randy Bowie – 217,800
  2. Massoud Eskandari – 215,400
  3. Andrew Shack – 209,800
  4. Owen Crowe – 190,800
  5. Matt Salsberg – 187,700
  6. Scott Clements – 186,500
  7. Ryan Riess – 163,000
  8. Steven Pilot – 157,800
  9. Macradij Yacoublan – 152,100
  10. Jason Dewitt – 149,700
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