Reginald Shawn Roberts Wins HPT Indigo Sky for $40,051

Reginald Shawn Roberts wins back-to-back Indigo Sky HPT titles. (Photo by Paul Oresteen

Reginald Shawn Roberts wins back-to-back Indigo Sky HPT titles. (Photo by Paul Oresteen

Reginald Shawn Roberts claimed his third Heartland Poker Tour title and successfully defended his Indigo Sky title he won in 2013. He picked up a second one along the way but had to battle “Cowboy” John Land tooth and nail to win number three, claim a seat in the season-ending Championship and $40,051.

“It’s awesome to come back here and win it back-to-back,” Roberts said. “I live in the area and know a lot of the players were here. It may have been a small field but it was loaded with great players and it was difficult to win.”

Roberts had to deal with “Mr. HPT” himself Craig Casino, Greg Raymer, Land, Dan Snowden, Debbie Phillips, James Darnaby, Ron Hines and Gil George.

The final table had serious HPT cred with a total of eight HPT Main Event between them: Raymer (4), Roberts (2), Casino (1) and Darnaby (1). Not to mention Casino leads the HPT in cashes, final tables and he and Raymer are battling for the all-time HPT money list.

The table played for an hour before the first elimination. Darnaby opened the action, Phillips called, George moved all in and Casino moved all in over top. Darnaby and Phillips mucked, George tabled A Q and Casino held pocket queens. The board ran 9 6 4 K J, George never improved and Casino earned the knockout.

Another hour passed and Casino, Hines and Snowden went to a flop of Q 9 5. After two checks, Snowden bet 12,000, Casino called and Hines shoved. Snowden mucked, Casino called with J T and Hines held Q 8. The board finished 8 K and Casino’s king-high flush took the pot.

Ninety minutes passed before the short-stacked Raymer open-shoved from the small blind and Casino called with A T. Raymer rolled over 7 4 and watched the tournament run away from him when it came Q 6 2 5 5.

After a lengthy delay from a TV set light that exploded cards were back in the air after about an hour. Darnaby moved his short stack all in with K Q and Land called with pocket tens. The board hit both players when it ran K T 4 Q 3 but Land’s set ended Darnaby’s day.

Five-handed play stretched for a couple of levels with a dinner break in between. After three hours of real time Casino finally got all in preflop holding A Q and Roberts called with pocket nines. Casino never improved and was eliminated from his eighth HPT final table.

Phillps’ was the last woman standing since she entered on Day 1. She was the only woman to register found herself all in holding a set of sevens on a K Q 7 A board. Snowden called her shove with a flush draw, the river came 9 and Phillips was eliminated.

The next elimination came when Land limped, Snowden raised to 100,000, Land shoved and Snowden called with a pair of sixes. Land was ahead with pocket tens, Snowden never improved and cleared the way for heads up play.

Land and Roberts began virtually even in chips with 1.446 million and 1.255  million respectively. But Roberts took the lead with a huge river bet to take a momentum-swinging pot.

Land swung things back his way when he found pocket aces and Roberts had pocket jacks. But Roberts grinded his way back to even and then slight lead over 50 hands.

The final hand came when Land limped, Roberts three-bet and Land called. The flop fell 7 6 4, Roberts bet 300,000 and Land moved all in. Roberts called with 7 3 for a pair and straight draw and Land held A 5 for a flush and straight draw. The board finished 5 2 and Roberts made a straight to end the tournament.

Indigo Sky Main Event Payouts

  1. Reginald Shawn Roberts – $40,051
  2. John Land – $25,032
  3. Dan Snowden – $16,396
  4. Debbie Phillips – $11,890
  5. Craig Casino – $8,761
  6. James Darnaby – $6,884
  7. Greg Raymer – $6,008
  8. Ron Hines – $5,382
  9. Gil George – $4,756
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