Ryan Riess Within Reach of 2013 WSOP Main Event Title

Ryan Riess pulled away from Jay Farber with a few key hands. (Photo by Tim Fiorivanti)

Ryan Riess pulled away from Jay Farber with a few key hands. (Photo by Tim Fiorivanti)

Ryan Riess and Jay Farber slowed down for just a few moments on the heels of two explosive hands which saw pots in excess of 50 million. Riess held a slight chip lead with 102 million to Farber’s 88 million.

Farber’s rail chanted “Six high” in reference to Farber’s big bluff and Riess’ rail responded with “Chip lead.” The split between the crowd was as evident as their shirts – Farber’s rail clad in black and Riess’ rail wearing white.

The next big clash came when Farber opened and Riess three-bet to five million. Farber played right back at Riess and made it 8.8 million to play. Riess called, the flop came 8 4 3 and he checked. Farber bet 6.7 million, Riess called to see the 2 turn and checked a second time. Farber bet 13.6 million, Riess called and the pot swelled to near 60 million. The river came 7, both players checked and Riess tabled pocket jacks to drag the hefty pot.

Riess commanded a better than 2:1 chip lead and Farber lost a third of his chips through 30 hands. Riess kept the pressure on Farber unwilling to surrender his chip advantage.

Farber was on his heels as they continued to play big pots. Riess opened on the button, Farber called and the flop came 7 6 2. Both players checked, the turn came 4, Farber bet 3.1 million and Riess pushed out a raise to 7.7 million. Farber called and the river came A. Farber checked, Riess bet 11.5 million and Farber mucked his hand.

Riess stacked nearly 75% chips in play and a 90 million chip lead with 141 million to Farber’s 49 million. They played five more hands and then had the first all in and a call of the heads up match.

Farber opened on the button and Riess called to see the T 9 7 flop. Riess checked, Farber bet 2.2 million and Riess check-raised to 6.8 million. Farber didn’t back down and made it 14.2 million, Riess didn’t blink and put in a fourth raise t0 26 million. The action didn’t stop, Farber moved all in, Riess called and tabled T 8. Farber flipped up T 8 for the same hand, but had a free-roll for a club flush. The turn came A and they would chop the pot no matter what came on the river.

Riess’ momentum didn’t slow and picked up another key pot to lengthen his lead, again. Riess opened, Farber three-bet to five million and Reiss called to see the A K Q flop. They both checked, the turn came 5 and Farber bet four million. Riess called the river came K and both players checked. Farber tabled pocket nines but Riess flopped an ace holding A 6.

2013 WSOP Main Event Final Table – Current Chip Counts

  1. Ryan Riess – 169,825,000
  2. Jay Farber – 20,850,000
  3. Amir Lehavot – $3,727,823 (Out in 3rd)
  4. Sylvain Loosli – $2,792,533 (Out in 4th)
  5. JC Tran – $2,106,893 (Out in 5th)
  6. Marc-Etienne McLaughlin – $1,601,024 (Out in 6th)
  7. Michiel Brummelhuis – $1,225,356 (Out in 7th)
  8. David Benefield – $944,650 (Out in 8th)
  9. Mark Newhouse – $733,224 (Out in 9th)




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