Ryan Van Sanford Wins WPT bestbet Bounty Scramble, $421,068

Less than a week after turning 21, Ryan Van Sanford wins a WPT title, winning at bestbet Jacksonville for over $420,000. (photo courtesy Joe Giron/World Poker Tour)

Less than a week after turning 21, Ryan Van Sanford wins a WPT title, winning at bestbet Jacksonville for over $420,000. (photo courtesy Joe Giron/World Poker Tour)

Most of the poker world’s attention was devoted to the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event, but the World Poker Tour had a final table of their own as the final six players returned to the bestbet Poker Room in Jacksonville, Florida to determine the winner of the $5,000 bestbet Bounty Scramble Main Event. Ryan Van Sanford celebrated his 21st birthday the previous weekend, started the final table as the chip leader. He lost the chip lead twice but came back both times with a vengeance, winning the tournament earning a $421,068, including a seat at the 2015 WPT World Championship in Atlantic City.

When play resumed for the televised final table, the final six players were seated in the following order:

Seat 1: Jared Reinstein – 1,090,000
Seat 2: Ryan Van Sanford – 4,850,000
Seat 3: Corey Hochman – 695,000
Seat 4: Jason Helder – 3,670,000
Seat 5: Brian Reinert – 2,150,000
Seat 6: Chris Bolek – 1,345,000

Early final table action featured Jason Helder winning an early hand against Brian Reinert to contend with Ryan Van Sanford for the chip lead. A few hands later, Reinert became a contending stack again when he flopped a set against Helder’s top two pair. Within the first 15 hands, Helder took the chip lead from Van Sanford, but gave it back a short time later.

The first elimination at the final table was on hand 30 when Van Sanford made an opening raise and Corey Hochman three-bet all in with K Q as Van Sanford quickly called with a dominating A Q. The A 7 6 had Hochman drawing very slim and when the 7 hit the turn he was drawing dead as the ophthalmologist from Phoenix would see his way to the cashier to collect his sixth place winnings.

Next to gather their belongings and leave the area was Jason Helder in fifth place. Helder ran pocket queens into the pocket aces of Jared Reinstein to double up the short stack. After Ryan Van Sanford opened from the button, Helder shipped his remaining 1.1 million chips from the small blind with K Q and Van Sanford called with A T. The board ran out 7 7 6 4 J to bring the field down to four players.

Brian Reinert would take the lead from Ryan Van Sanford one hand later, winning a huge pot with pocket kings to control the final table in the middle stages. The other two players at the table: Chris Bolek and Jared Reinstein decided to get involved in the action as Reinstein shoved with 8 8 and Bolek called with A T. Reinstein was flipping for his tournament life, and was looking good with one card to come on the K 7 7 K board, but the river was the T, putting a dagger in Reinstein’s chances of winning as he departed in fourth place.

As play went to three-handed, Ryan Van Sanford started chipping away at the stack of Brian Reinert. Hand 37 saw Van Sanford retake the chip lead when his pocket jacks were good against Reinert’s unknown hand to hold over half the chips in play. Reinert tried to get back the chip lead, but Van Sanford had other ideas. Reinert’s final hand started with an opening raise from Chris Bolek followed by a three-bet from Van Sanford. Reinert then made a four-bet and when Bolek got out of the way, Van Sanford shoved with J J and Reinert snap-called with A K. Any hopes of Reinert getting on the right side of the race were dashed when they saw the J 9 7 flop. The 3 on the turn left Reinert drawing dead as Van Sanford would take a 3-1 chip lead heads-up against Bolek.

Ryan Van Sanford made quick work of Chris Bolek, winning nearly all of the 15 hands of heads-up play. The final hand of the tournament had Bolek limp and Van Sanford check his option. On a flop of T 9 6 Bolek bet, Van Sanford raised and Bolek moved all in and Van Sanford called. Both players had flopped a pair but Van Sanford had the better kicker with T 8 against Bolek’s T 7. The 2 killed one of Bolek’s outs and the Q on the river gave Van Sanford the title, not a bad way to turn 21.

Upcoming stops on the World Poker Tour takes the series to South Africa November 14-16, the Dusk till Dawn Poker Room in Nottingham, England November 18-23, Montreal’s Playground Poker Room November 20-26 before heading back to the US for the Bellagio Five Diamond Poker Classic December 15-20.

WPT bestbet Bounty Scramble Final Table Results

  1. Ryan Van Sanford – $421,068
  2. Chris Bolek – $284,371
  3. Brian Reinert – $182,853
  4. Jared Reinstein – $135,223
  5. Jason Helder – $101,518
  6. Corey Hochman – $81,335
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