Sebastian Pauli Continues to Lead EPT Main Event Final Table

Sebastian Paul remained dominant throughout play on Day 5 of the EPT London Main Event. (Photo by Danny Maxwell, courtesy of PokerStars Blog).

Sebastian Pauli remained dominant throughout play on Day 5 of the EPT London Main Event. (Photo by Danny Maxwell, courtesy of PokerStars Blog).

By the close of Day 5 of the EPT London Main Event, Sebastian Pauli, who had taken a late lead in the event at the close of Day 4, would remain at the top of the pack as the bags came out. With just 16 players returning for Day 5, only half of them bagged and tagged to claim their seats at the final table. Sebastian Pauli, who was ahead at the end of Day 4, remains in front of the crowd with over six million chips in his stack. Despite Pauli’s domination, two previous EPT champions remain in the event and will take their seats alongside Pauli at the final table.

Team PokerStars Pro, Jake Cody bagged 2.15 million chips and finished Day 5 in sixth place. Cody won his EPT title six seasons ago in Deauville, along with another member of the final table, Kevin MacPhee. MacPhee’s title was won in EPT Berlin in Season 6, and will come to the final table ahead of Cody with 2.43 million, which sits him in third place. If either of these champions win the event, they will match Victoria Coren-Mitchell’s two EPT wins.

When the players hit the final table re-draw after the elimination of Raffaele Sorrentino, it looked like there may be three past EPT champions that would survive the day and make the final table. Unfortunately for Benny Spindler, former EPT London champion, he would become the official bubble boy of the final table and only Cody and MacPhee would have a chance at a second title.

Final Table Players and Chip Counts:

  • Sebastian Pauli – 6,130,000
  • Kevin Killeen – 2,470,000
  • Kevin MacPhee – 2,430,000
  • Artur Koren – 2,420,000
  • Jonathan Bensadoun – 2,340,000
  • Jake Cody – 2,156,000
  • Jakub Mroczek – 1,325,000
  • Pablo Gordillo – 975,000

The first elimination of the day would take place when Sorrentino raised from early position and found calls from Pauli, Simon Deadman and Artur Koren. The flop came down K 5 K and all four players checked to see the T on the turn. Koren and Sorrentino checked, and Pauli laid out a bet of 120,000. Deadman contemplated his fate for a bit before announcing he was all in for 462,000. Koren and Sorrentino folded their hands and Pauli opted to call. It was Pauli who held the better hand with the K J but Deadman was not a dead man yet with the A 9. The trip kings of Pauli would be in the lead, while Deadman would be searching for a club to complete his flush draw. The T on the river gave Deadman his flush, but also filled Pauli up. Deadman  would be the first casualty of the day, finishing in 15th place. With this elimination, Pauli’s stack would now be at 3,400,000, making him the first player to reach the three-million chip mark.

Yann Pineau’s tournament life would be put on hold as he was all in with pocket sevens against Sorrentino’s A K. Koren had raised to 45,000 pre-flop, Sorrentino three-bet to 125,000, and Pineau moved all in for 528,000. Koren had quickly folded, which left the option on Sorrentino who called. The board showed A 4 9 8 6, eliminating Pineau in 15th place and putting Sorrentino closer to the front of the pack with 2,400,000 chips.

Joao Vieira raised 48,000 from the button, allowing MacPhee to three-bet 117,000 from the small blind, and Gino Gabriel to make it 260,000 from the big blind. Action moved back to Vieira who folded, and MacPhee moved all in. Gabriel called for 970,000, creating a two-million chip pot. MacPhee had the advantage with a higher pocket pair, Q Q against Gabriel’s J J. The board ended up running out 5 T 3 5 K making MacPhee’s queens good and sending Gabriel to the rail in 14th place.

A rather short stacked Vieira would shove all in with 120,000 to be called by Jonathan Bensadoun in the big blind.  Vieira would have to catch some cards to stay alive, already behind Bensadoun with K 6. Bensadoun’s A 2 looked even better after the flop A 7 A, giving Bensadoun trip aces. The 2 on the turn gave Bensadoun a boat, and left Vieira drawing dead, so the 7 completed the board and ended Vieira’s tournament life as he finished in 13th place.

Fellow Germans Jonas Lauck and Spindler decided to battle it out with similar stacks for a showdown; Lauck was in the lead pre-flop with the A K against Spindler’s Q J. The board ran out 6 2 9 6 J, never giving Lauck a chance as Spindler pulled the flush. Spindler barely had Lauck covered, but forced the elimination and left Lauck to collect his earnings for 12th place.

Ognyan Dimov decided to ship the last of his 542,000 under the gun, leaving Koren to call him from; Dimov was behind with the A8, leaving Koren hoping for the elimination with the A Q. The flop was blank, 6 6 9 leaving Koren in the lead. The 5 on the turn gave Dimov hope as he had an inside straight draw or an eight left to give him hope. Dimov’s tournament life ended with the J on the river, and pushing Koren over 3 million chips with the elimination.

Sorrentino would be the last player eliminated before the tables were combined for the unofficial final table of nine. Sorrentino got his Q Q all in after a flop with Pauli, A 9, where a board of Q 2 J  gave Sorrentino top set with his queens. Pauli still had a chance to send Sorrentino home with a flush draw and backdoor straight still live. The A on the turn would give Pauli a pair, but it was the 6 on the river that gave Pauli the much needed relief, and the flush that sent Sorrentino packing in tenth place. After this win, Pauli would be at 5,800,000 chips, almost 2 million chips more than the next closest competitor.

After a full day of battling to stay alive, it would be Spindler who would be eliminated in 9th place, stopping play and completing the final table. He moved all in from the big blind for 530,000 after Koren had raised to 80,000 from the cutoff and Kevin Killeen three-bet raised to 190,000 from the button. Koren ended up folding, but Killeen snap-called with K K, leaving Spindler searching for an ace with the A K. The flop came out 3 [J 5, keeping Spindler’s tournament life in jeopardy. The turn didn’t add any additional help as the 7 was revealed, but the 7 that was turned over on the river would not do it as Spindler would be the final table bubble boy, eliminated in 9th place.

Eliminated Players and Payouts:

  • 9th – Benny Spindler – £41,100
  • 10th – Raffaele Sorrentino – £33,500
  • 11th – Ognyan Dimov – £33,500
  • 12th – Jonas Lauck – £27,750
  • 13th – Joao Vieira –  £27,750
  • 14th – Gino Gabriel – £25,100
  • 15th – Yann Pineau – £25,100
  • 16th – Simon Deadman – £22,500
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