Sebastian Pauli Leads Final 16 to Day 5 of EPT London Main Event

Sebastian Pauli leads the Day 4 chip counts at EPT London. (Photo by Neil Stoddart, courtesy of PokerStars Blog)

Sebastian Pauli leads the Day 4 chip counts at EPT London. (Photo by Neil Stoddart, courtesy of PokerStars Blog)

Sebastian Pauli leads the remaining 16 players to Day 5 of EPT London’s Main Event. Thirty-six players began the day and 20 eliminations later the field bagged and tagged for the night. Pauli bagged 2.6 million and Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody is the only other player above the two million-mark with 2.2 million.

Day 2 chip leader Raffaele Sorrentino, Kevin MacPhee, Simon Deadman  and Benny Spindler survived the day and move on. Cody, MacPhee and Spindler look to win a second EPT title and join Vicky Coren Mitchell as the only player with two titles.

PokerStars sponsored plays had a particularly rough day on the felt with Liv Boeree, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Marc-Andre Ladouceur, Christian Favale and Mickey Petersen all hit the rail during the day.

Pauli padded his tournament-leading stack after scoring the final elimination of the night. Daniel Erlandsson, Cody, Deadman and Pauli went to a flop o f A Q 9. After two checks Pauli bet, Cody mucked, Erlandsson called and Deadman folded. The turn came K, Erlandsson tanked before check-shoving all in. Pauli insta-called holding J T for Broadway and Erlandsson held top two pair with A K. He needed either an ace or king for a full house but the river bricked with 3 and Pauli stacked up the chip lead following the hand.

Cody added a significant amount pot to juice his chip count near the end of the play. He had a preflop confrontation against Zahi Harel where their stacks got in the middle. Cody held A K and Harel had kicker problems with A Q. The board ran T 6 3 5 J, Cody won the hand and stacked over 2.4 million after the hand.

Boeree was crippled in hand against Alexander Trevallion. She called Trevallion’s K Q shove holding pocket eights. He made two pair and she had lest than seven big blinds after the hand. Boeree got all in a few hands later holding Q 2 against Jonas Lauck’s A J. The board ran A 8 6 7 A and Boeree was out in 27th place.

Moreira de Melo three-bet shoved holding pocket nines and Artur Koren called holding A Q. The board came A J 4 8 7 and Moreira de Melo was eliminated.

Ladouceur and Cody went to a three-bet flop of 5 4 2, Ladouceur check-called a Cody bet and the turn came 8. Ladouceur bet, Cody called after a short tank and the river came J. Ladouceur checked, Cody shoved after another short tank and Ladouceur called off holding Q J. Cody tabled 8 4 for a turned two pair and eliminated his PokerStars teammate.

Favale’s final hand came when he flopped a straight flush draw on a Q T 9 board. He moved all in holding A J and Marko Neumann called holding a made straight with J 8. Favale needed the K or 8 for the straight flush or any heart to trump Neumann’s straight. The board bricked 3 7 and Favale was eliminated.

Day 5 will play down until a final table of eight, regardless of how long it takes.

EPT London Main Event – End of Day 4 Chip Counts

  1. Sebastian Pauli – 2,674,000
  2. Jake Cody – 2,291,000
  3. Raffaele Sorrentino – 1,968,000
  4. Artur Koren – 1,865,000
  5. Jakub Mroczek – 1,623,000
  6. Jonathan Bensadoun – 1,465,000
  7. Gino Gabriel – 1,265,000
  8. Joao Viera – 1,117,000
  9. Pablo Gordillo – 1,077,000
  10. Kevin Killeen – 906,000
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