Severin Schleser In Front of Final 11 of WPT Caribbean for Day 4

Severin Schleser leads the final 11 players in St. Maarten. (Photo c/o WPT)

Severin Schleser leads the final 11 players in St. Maarten. (Photo c/o WPT)

Day 3 of the World Poker Tour Caribbean Main Event Event saw the field trimmed from 32 players down to 11. Severin Schleser was the only player over the one million chip mark for the chip lead.

Trailing Schleser’s 1.15 million stack was the talented Tony Dunst with 814,000. Former WPT champs Giacomo Fundaro, Bobby Oboodi and Marvin Rettenmaier will return with their eyes on the final table alongside Florida pro Ebony Kenney.

Justin Zaki, Micah Raskin, Fedor Holz and David Kaufmann were a few of those eliminated on the day without collecting a cash. Ben Warrington, Sean Jazayeri, Bryon Kaverman and Viet Vo did make a stop at the cashier’s cage after their elimination.

Kaufmann was the unfortunate bubble boy when he moved in his short stack preflop and Rettenmaier called from the button with A Q. Kaufmann tabled K 5 and needed to improve to stay alive. The board ran A 8 2 9 T and Kaufmann was eliminated.

Shortly after the bubble burst the field went on a dinner break. Upon returning Kenney double up twice. The first time came when she held pocket nines and got it in preflop against Ferenec Riech’s A J. Her nines held  and then she got all in with A Q against Ferenec’s pocket kings. She hit Broadway when the board ran K J T 8 6 and chipped up to 340,000.

Kaverman was eliminated when he shoved preflop with J T and Oboodi woke up in the big blind with aces and called. The board ran K Q 8 8 K and Kaverman was sent to the rail.

Day 3 Chip Counts

  1. Severin Schleser – 1,151,000
  2. Tony Dunst – 814,000
  3. Robert Bakker – 722,000
  4. Jean-Nicolas Fortin – 720,000
  5. Giacomo Fundaro – 547,000
  6. Bobby Oboodi – 486,000
  7. Marvin Rettenmaier – 394,000
  8. Ebony Kenney – 320,000
  9. Thomas Laviano – 299,000
  10. Zoltan Purak – 141,000
  11. James Joyner – 137,000
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