Sheraz Nasir Wins partypoker WPT Canadian Spring Championship

Sharaz Nasir won WPT's Season XIV opener, the partypoker WPT Canadian Spring Championship. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

Sharaz Nasir won WPT’s Season XIV opener, the partypoker WPT Canadian Spring Championship. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

Sheraz Nasir won the partypoker World Poker Tour Canadian Spring Championship, the first stop of Season XIV, and denied history to Lu Zhang – who was close to being the first open WPT female champion.

Nasir earned $218,297, his name on the Champions Cup and the Playground Poker Club Championship belt. Van Nguyen won a WPT event in 2008 but it was the Season VI WPT Invitational, a freeroll during the LAPC.

Gary Lucci, Trevor Delaney, Dylan Wilkerson and Levi Stevens rounded out the final table. Delaney brought the chiplead to the final table with Stevens and Wilkerson on short stacks.

Wilkerson’s day at the final table didn’t last long – one hand, in fact. He opened the action, Stevens moved all in and Wilkerson called with pocket nines. Steven rolled over A J, the board hit him straight away with J 3 3 T K and Wilkerson’s day was done.

Thirty minutes later Delany and Zhang went to a 9 4 3 flop. Delaney bet, Zhang called and the turn came 5. Delaney led again, Zhang called and the river came K. Delaney bet, Zhang raised and Delaney shoved holding pocket sixes. Zhang called holding pocket aces and Delaney was out.

Two hours passed before Lucci opened on the button, Zhang shoved from the big blind and Lucci called off holding pocket jacks. Zhang had two overs with A Q, spiked a queen on the flop and Lucci was eliminated.

A little over 30 minutes later Sevens shoved a short stack from the button and Zhang called with K T. Stevens was in dire straits holding K 3. The board ran Q T 4 5 9 and Stevens settled for a third place finish.

Heads up play began with Nasir stacking 5.825 million to Zhang’s 5.26 million – only a ten big blind difference. They took turns as chipleader for over two hours before Nasir took a massive chiplead and ended the tournament one hand later.

First, they went to a J 8 2 flop, Zhang checked, Nasir bet and Zhang called. The turn came T and Zhang check-called a second time. The river came 4, Zhang checked and Nasir bet again. Zhang called and mucked after Nasir tabled 8 4 for two pair.

The next hand they checked to the turn of J 6 3 6 and Nasir bet. Zhang moved all in holding A 2 and Nasir called with pocket twos. The river came 7, Zhang never improved and Nasir won the title.

partypoker WPT Canadian Spring Championship Final Table Payouts

  1. Sheraz Nasir – $218,297
  2. Lu Zhang – $142,224
  3. Gary Lucci – $91,299
  4. Trevor Delaney – $67,632
  5. Dylan Wilkerson – $50,717
  6. Levi Stevens – $40,573
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