“smaulerg” Continues NJ Dominance As Weekend’s Biggest Winner

After two of the biggest weekends in New Jersey online poker, the Sunday Major schedule was riddled with overlays across all sites.

There was a combination of big names and unknowns making big scores this weekend, with “smaulerg” continuing his run with another Sunday Major win.

Two weeks ago, the Sunday Major action was headlined by first time winners.

Last weekend, the big names in New Jersey online poker dominated the action.

This week was a combination of the two, with some unknown players making huge scores and NJ Online Poker Player of the Year leader “smaulerg” notching two final table runs along with the biggest score of the weekend.

“smaulerg” wasn’t the only big name to record good results though, as Daniel “juice” Buzgon made two deep runs and Steven Madara picked up where he left off a few weeks ago, adding another Sunday Major title to his resume.

While the winners created some positive headlines, it’s hard to keep sweeping the missed guarantees under the rug. It’s been over a month since the partypoker $50,000 guarantee was met and close to the same timeframe for the WSOP.com $40,000 guarantee.

The question with the 888.com ‘Big Sunday’ event isn’t whether the guarantee is going to be missed, it’s by how much as that $10,000 mark hasn’t been hit at all over the last few months.

New Jersey

partypoker Sunday $50,000 Guaranteed

Buy-In: $200
Players: 261
Prizepool: $50,000

  1. fnasty97 – $10,000
  2. Nawlins – $6,585
  3. Birdz198199 – $4,750
  4. Billson – $4,000
  5. solidrock – $3,350
  6. chipirwin – $2,850
  7. Jermz – $2,350
  8. Mikey_TheKidd – $1,850
  9. JAKA55 – $1,350

After coming close to a major online title during this winter’s Garden State Super Series II, “fnasty97” finally broke through. He outlasted an over 250 player field to claim one of two five figure scores on the weekend, en route to his first Sunday Major title.

It wasn’t a bad weekend for “Nawlins” either, who made $6,500 for a 2nd place finish in his first ever online tournament.

partypoker Sunday $10,000 Guaranteed

Buy-In: $100
Players: 157
Prizepool: $14,287

  1. borgatareg82 – $3,043
  2. Sevilla21 – $2,072
  3. SmellsLikeIrish – $1,557
  4. laumserg – $1,286
  5. spraack – $1,100
  6. pokeherchamp – $943
  7. provvinx – $786
  8. roystalin – $643
  9. Shie1ds75 – $500

While “borgatareg82″ wasn’t playing in his first ever online tournament, the $3,000 score he picked up for his first Sunday Major win might as well have been his first real result. Prior to this weekend he never cashed for more than $500.

The first time winner might have stollen the headlines, but 2015 New Jersey Online Player of the Year leader “laumserg” was only getting warmed up with his forth place finish.

WSOP.com Sunday $40,000 Guaranteed

Buy-In: $200
Players: 195
Prizepool: $40,000

  1. smaulerg – $10,800
  2. gamblegamble – $6,300
  3. mingo14 – $3,600
  4. juice – $2,800
  5. RedsoxNets5 – $2,400
  6. bt1977 – $2,000
  7. KevDurant35 – $1,520
  8. rivermonsta – $960
  9. woameye – $680

When the WSOP.com $40,000 Guaranteed final table came together, the money was on either “smaulerg“, who plays under the name “laumserg” on partypoker, or “juice” to take down the title.

Those two players are first and fourth in the latest NJ OPOY rankings and that’s exactly how they finished in this event, with “smaulerg” continuing his dominating run to take home just over $10,000. Daniel “juice” Buzgon had to settle for just under a $3,000 result.

WSOP.com Sunday $10,000 Guaranteed

Buy-In: $100
Players: 129
Prizepool: $11,739

  1. stevenmadara – $3,228
  2. Sean_naeS – $1,878
  3. Shoregambler – $1,068
  4. juice – $833
  5. Brksy25 – $716
  6. Lefsid3 – $598
  7. castro78 – $457
  8. phatdaddy – $293
  9. DCOOP – $211

stevenmadaraheadlined close to three straight weeks of BLUFF.com Sunday Major coverage and it looks like he’s back as the headlining act after winning another weekend title.

It was a relatively small score compared to some of his other Sunday Major wins and Daniel “juice” Buzgon made another deep run, again missing out on the podium by one spot.

888.com $10,000 Big Sunday

Buy-In: $200
Players: 39
Prizepool: $10,000

  1. OnTheRun187 – $3,500
  2. SLHalper13 – $2,200
  3. FairyMary – $1,500
  4. Str8yAAnkAAs – $1,100
  5. HelloMcFly – $900
  6. JohnyTyrene – $800

While the last two Sunday Major events were won and contested by some of the bigger names in New Jersey online poker, the 888.com ‘Big Sunday’ was more or less won by an unknown.

That shouldn’t bother “OnTheRun187” though, as he made the biggest score of his online carerer, earning $3,500 for the win while announcing himself to the online world.

SLHalper13” was clearly the most experienced player at that final table, with just under $100,000 in career online earrings to date. He finished 2nd for a solid $2,200 score.

Later this week, BLUFF.com will continue Online Player of the Year coverage, with an updated look at both the New Jersey rankings.

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