Steve O’Dwyer Wins PCA Super High Roller, $1.87M

Steve O'Dwyer earned the third seven figure cash of his poker career by winning the PCA Super High Roller - and became one of the few players ever to earn both an EPT Main Event title and an EPT Super High Roller win.

Steve O’Dwyer earned the third seven figure cash of his poker career by winning the PCA Super High Roller – and became one of the few players ever to earn both an EPT Main Event title and an EPT Super High Roller win.

After getting close on numerous occasions earlier in his career, Steve O’Dwyer has broken through in a massive way since taking down the EPT Grand Final Main Event in May 2013.

That cash – which earned O’Dwyer just shy of $1.6 million – was by far the biggest of his career. He bested that mark in November by winning the ACOP Super High Roller for $1.81 million, and O’Dwyer broke his personal record again Thursday by winning the 2015 PCA Super High Roller and its $1,872,580 first place prize.

“To start the year this way is fantastic – I’m very happy with the result,” said O’Dwyer after his victory. “I guess it would be better if I was in for one bullet instead of two, but I’ll take it,” he continued with a laugh.

Despite falling into the short stack several times at the final table, O’Dwyer picked up key pots when he needed them and ultimately dispatched Roger Sippl heads-up to seal the deal.

“Once I had the kings versus queens against Roger, that was when I was like ‘Wow, maybe I can actually win this tournament’,” said O’Dwyer.

O’Dwyer entered heads-up play with a big advantage, but the final hand of the tournament would not come easily. Sippl raised on the button to 450,000 – nearly three times the big blind – and O’Dwyer called in the big blind as the flop fell Q 8 8. O’Dwyer checked, Sippl bet 750,000 and O’Dwyer called as the 2 hit on the turn.

Both players checked, the 3 completed the board, and O’Dwyer checked once more. Sippl shoved for 2,995,000 and O’Dwyer went deep into the tank – taking almost four minutes before electing to call with A T for just ace-high. His gut instinct was right as Sippl could only produce J T for a busted straight draw – earning O’Dwyer the victory and adding him to an elite group with both an EPT Main Event title and an EPT Super High Roller victory.

Sorel Mizzi had the chiplead going into this tournament’s final day, but Bryn Kenney would supplant him in short order. Andrew Robl would be the first player at risk, though the hand in which that happened seemed innocent enough at the start. Robl raised to 140,000 from under the gun and both Sippl in the small blind and Kenney in the big blind came along for the ride.

The flop fell Q 7 3, it checked to Robl and he bet 210,000. Sippl and Kenney both called, and the turn was the 5. Sippl checked, Kenney bet 635,000 and Robl shipped for 840,000 total. Sippl got out of the way, Kenney called and the hands were turned up; Robl was ahead with Q J but Kenney had a decent shot to come from behind with A 8 for a flush draw and an over – albeit a slightly less than average one as Sippl had folded K J.

The 6 fell on the river, though, and the flush gave Kenney the pot and sent Robl out in seventh place. Mizzi was still ahead at this point, but it wouldn’t take long for Kenney to close the rest of the gap and overtake Mizzi. Christoph Vogelsang also started climbing up the counts, and got himself into the thick of things after taking down short stack Sam Greenwood.

Greenwood entered the final table as the shortest stack, but managed to ladder up one spot before putting himself at risk for the first time. Mizzi opened the action with a raise on the button, Vogelsang called in the small blind and Greenwood three-bet all in for 1.26 million – just over 20 big blinds. Mizzi got out of the way but Vogelsang quickly called with 9 9 – which had Greenwood and his 6 6 in big trouble. The J 8 7 flop improved Vogelsang’s hand, and the 2 turn left Greenwood just two outs – cards that wouldn’t come as the K marked his exit in sixth.

As five-handed play began, O’Dwyer and Sippl were the two shortest stacks. Sippl was the first to move up the counts as his A K doubled through Vogelsang’s Q T, with the money getting in on a 5 4 2 flop and the K turn giving Sippl the superior flush; he’d shortly take over the chiplead. Sippl took the rest of Vogelsang’s chips a short time later in a coinflip; his A Q was behind Vogelsang’s T T through a K K 6 flop and 8 turn until the Q made him a bigger pair, sending Vogelsang out in fifth.

Sippl kept climbing and Mizzi slipped further and further back, until Sippl had almost 50 percent of the chips in play and Mizzi was the short stack. Mizzi, the former chipleader three bet all in for 1,685,000 and Kenney called with A J – which was flipping against Mizzi’s 2 2. In yet another coinflip the pair seemed as if it would hold as the flop was T 6 4 and the Q fell on the turn. The straight draw Kenney picked up would prove to be Mizzi’s undoing in the end, as the K gave him Broadway and sent Mizzi packing in fourth place.

O’Dwyer grinded his way back into the mix as things drew close three-handed, and then surged into the lead with a massive double through Sippl as his K K held off Sippl’s Q Q. O’Dwyer eventually cleared 11 million with Kenney sitting at 3.2 million and Sippl hanging on with 2 million. After taking a pot without showdown, Sippl got full value for his turned full house with 8 6 as O’Dwyer called his all in with bottom pair, no kicker on the river.

Sippl and O’Dwyer traded the chiplead several times as Kenney slipped further and further behind. It came to a head when Sippl raised to 300,000 from the button, Kenney three-bet all in for 3.3 million in the small blind and O’Dwyer four-bet shoved over the top. Sippl got out of the way and the cards were laid on their backs – T T for O’Dwyer and K Q for Kenney. The board ran out a dry 7 4 2 A A for Kenney, and his exit in third set up a heads-up showdown between O’Dwyer and Sippl.

While Sippl wouldn’t go quietly, O’Dwyer’s hero call cinched the title for him and brought the heads-up match and the tournament to a swift end. The Super High Roller kicked things off in style, but there’s still a lot to come in the next week. Between the Main Event, which kicked off Thursday afternoon, and the $25,000 High Roller, which will close out the series, there will be a few more millionaires crowned here at Atlantis.

2015 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Super High Roller – Final Results

  1. Steve O’Dwyer – $1,872,580
  2. Roger Sippl – $1,344,420
  3. Bryn Kenney – $873,880
  4. Sorel Mizzi – $659,400
  5. Christoph Vogelsang – $512,160
  6. Sam Greenwood – $396,920
  7. Andrew Robl – $313,700
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