The Blueprint: George Danzer Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo


George Danzer leads the WSOP POY race thanks to his five cashes, three final tables, and two victories (Drew Amato Photo).

George Danzer has had a breakout summer at the 2014 World Series of Poker.

He won his first bracelet in the $10,000 Razz Championship and followed that up with a victory in the $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Championship. He also had a fifth place finish to start the series in the $10,000 Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Championship. He added two other cashes in the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Six Max Championship and the $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo/Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo.

He already sat down with BLUFF once to get insight into his thought process on hands from the Razz Championship, but with him leading the WSOP Player of the Year race, he sat down with BLUFF again to go through some hands that he played en route to his second bracelet in the Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Championship.

Danzer Eliminates Singer

After a double elimination at the nine-handed unofficial final table, there were seven players left with limits of 20,000/40,000. Jeff Lisandro completes and Danzer called. David Singer moved all in for his last 38,000 and Lisandro called. Danzer put in another raise and Lisandro called. Danzer bet fourth and was called by Lisandro. He bet again on fifth street and Lisandro folded. Their boards ran out like this:

Lisandro: (x-x)/539
Danzer: (64)/5587/Q
Singer: (A2)/4JA6/Q

Danzer made a pair of fives on fourth and by sixth street he made an eight-high straight to scoop the pot and eliminate Singer in seventh place.

George Danzer: “I just called my hand [on third] because I have a very good starting hand that I want to play multi-way. After Singer moved all in and Lisandro called, I put in an extra bet because I think I’m ahead of the hand Lisandro has to make the pot bigger and to get some more value out of my nice starting hand.”

“Now I pair the five and Lisandro gets a three which is ok, so now I’m just going to barrel. On fifth street I catch and eight and he catches a nine, which is a brick, so now I’m definitely ahead. Especially with my hand since I have a pair of fives, an eight low draw, and a straight draw. I’m just going to barrel through and then I hit immediately my straight and I’m just playing the nuts there.”

“If he catches a four on fifth and I catch a jack or something, I would just check-call on fifth. But as long as we get a similar card or I get a little better one, I’m just going to barrel through.”

Lisandro Takes One Back

Chris George was eliminated in sixth place and the table was left five-handed. The limits were 25,000/50,000 and John Racener completed. Lisandro called and Danzer raised. Racener and Lisandro called and they went off to fourth street three-handed. Racener checked, Lisandro led out, Danzer raised, Racener folded and Lisandro called. Danzer bet fifth street and was called by Lisandro. Both players checked sixth street and Danzer called a bet on seventh. Their boards looked like this.

Racener: (x-x)/5Q
Lisandro: (44)/6292/9
Danzer: (x-x)/4JT7/x

Lisandro made two pair on sixth and then improved to a better two pair on seventh. Danzer mucked and Lisandro scooped the pot.

GD: “That hand is interesting because I just have aces in the hole. I just had the nuts in the hole. That’s why I put another bet in and with the four showing, I can have a lot of hands. I can have the 2-3-4, I can have the 3-4-5, or I could have aces in the hole, or another big pair like kings or queens. So I’m going to put another bet in with all the good ones.”

“He caught a good card [on fourth] and I caught a bad card, so that’s an automatic bet in stud eight. If you catch a card lower than a nine and the other guy catches a nine or higher without an ace, then you automatically bet.”

“The thing is is that he could be going for a low in that spot and since my board is never a good low, he is going to bet any low that he rivers. And because I thought he was kind of a careful player, I don’t think that he is going to bet two pair if he doesn’t make a low because I can make a high that very easily beats two small pair. I bricked on my aces completely which was pretty unlucky, especially against his hand. He started with pocket fours and I had a four showing. So for him to improve it’s really hard and for my aces to improve, it’s really easy.”

“I did the math on the last card because how often he hits two pair and a low. You have to find the combinations of how many two pairs he has and how many lows he’s betting. I thought he was betting with enough lows that he hit that I have to call down with only the pair of aces at the end.”

Danzer Bests Anderson

Brian Hastings was eliminated in fourth place and they were down to three-handed play. Limits were increased to 50,000/100,000 and Danzer completed and was called by Calvin Anderson. Danzer bet every street and was called down by Anderson as their boards ran out like this:

Danzer: (A6)/9A68/4
Anderson: (x-x)/83JT/x

Danzer tabled aces up and scooped the pot after Anderson mucked his hand.

GD: “This was a really easy hand. I’m going to steal with A-9-6 and it looks like I have a high hand with the nine showing, but ace high is good enough to open raise and try to steal the antes. I instantly pair the ace and I’m going to bet one more street because he’s showing 8-3. If he’s very connected on the low side and had 4-5, I’m always going to check-call with the aces because the 4-5 is very dangerous against aces than the 4-5. With the 8-3, he isn’t going to make any straights any time soon. So you are going to bet it always because you are obviously going for the high. So against connected boards with the high pairs, you would check-call and against not connected boards, you would bet. Then I make aces up on fifth and I’m just going to bet every street. If he raises me, then we’ll stop and think about what he has, but until he raises me, we are just going to keep betting.”

Anderson was eliminated in third place before Danzer bested John Racener heads-up to earn his second bracelet.

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