The Fight: NJ Closer to Intrastate Gambling, WA State Sen. Advises Poker Players

This week, on The Fight, New Jersey moves closer to being the first state to offer intrastate online gambling and the Washington state senator who created legislation banning online poker in the state has some words for frustrated poker players.

On November 16th, the New Jersey Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee passed by a vote of 10-1 Senate bill S490, which allows intrastate online gambling to New Jersey residents. Some of the amendments added in committee was a provision allowing players from outside the United States to participate in the proposed sites, along with a lowering of the gross revenue tax on Internet revenue from 20 to 15%. On November 22nd, the legislation passed the full Senate by a vote of 29-5, a veto-proof margin in case Governor Chris Christie decided to veto the legislation. The bill now moves to the NJ Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Gaming Committee for consideration. If the bill passes that committee, it moves to the full Assembly for a vote, expected in early 2011.

On the other side of the US, some intriguing comments from Margarita Prentice, the Washington state legislator responsible for the 2006 bill that banned online poker and other online gambling in the state. After the state Supreme Court upheld the legislation, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker prohibited Washington state residents from playing on their respective sites. Prentice was interviewed by poker writer Gary Wise for an article that was posted on November 17. and she decided to say the following:

“I just think some of these arguments are utter nonsense. You mean you’re going to move so you can play poker? Gee, lots of luck in your life. … I have nothing against card playing. That’s fine. If you want to do that, but I’m sure not going to worry about someone … you know. Let them go pump gas.”

What Ms. Prentice may not know is there are only two states where you’re not allowed to pump your own gas. One of them: New Jersey.

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