The Quintessential WSOP Social Media Guide

The WSOP Preview concludes with a social media guide to the WSOP.

The WSOP Preview concludes with a social media guide to the WSOP.

Over the last 25 days the BLUFF 2015 WSOP Preview has featured advice, insight and predictions for the 2015 World Series of Poker. Just hours before the first event kicks we’re bringing you one final piece on how to find the information you need to stay ahead of the game through social media.

WSOP Twitter

Here’s a list of Twitter accounts you should follow to stay informed about the WSOP:


The official Twitter account of the World Series of Poker provides information throughout the WSOP including schedule announcements, photos and live updates and answering tweets from players at the Rio and those following along at home.


Jack Effel has served as the tournament director of the WSOP since 2007 and is the go-to source for the various goings on in the Rio throughout the Series. Effel is a constant presence on Twitter during the WSOP responding to issues with rules, questions about tournament procedures and anything else that comes up during the seven weeks in Las Vegas.


Ty Stewart is the Executive Director of the WSOP along with his role as an unofficial cheerleader for the brand. If any controversies spring up during the seven weeks in Las Vegas, Stewart will not be afraid to offer his opinion.


Seth Palansky‘s official title is Vice President of Corporate Communications at the WSOP and he’s not shy about offering his take on things during the WSOP while he also answers questions from players and media alike.


Nolan Dalla has served as the Media Director of the WSOP for several years, dating back to the days the series was held at Binion’s in downtown Las Vegas. Dalla supervises the winner interviews and writes up final table recaps at He also gives his unfiltered thoughts on his blog at


Once again serving as the lead commentator for the final table live streams, David Tuchman will be joined by a host of poker pros providing cards-up analysis (on a 30-minute delay) at


Tatjana Pasalic has interviewed many of the biggest names in poker at tournaments around the world, will be front and center interviewing players for the WSOP live streams this summer.


Bill Rini is the Head of Online Poker at the As thousands head to Las Vegas from around the world, Rini will be a great follow particularly as the $1,000 online bracelet event goes off in July


Throughout the WSOP, will provide plenty of content including news, feature articles, end of day recaps and more throughout the entire series. You can also follow BLUFF staffers @Tim00, @PaulOresteen and @Lance_Bradley as they offer their unique perspectives from Las Vegas.


Most people are already following Kevin Mathers through his primary Twitter account, but for this year’s WSOP he’s created an account dedicated solely to developments about the WSOP. Table draw information, schedule announcements and much more will emanate from that account.

Along with the accounts above, Kevin has created a Twitter list of the above accounts and all poker rooms running tournament series this summer.


Bravo Poker Live – Players are always asking the following questions: When does late registration end? When is the dinner break over? How many players are in this tournament? During the WSOP, the Bravo Live Poker app answers those questions for you as it shows the tournament clocks at the WSOP. If you’re looking for WSOP touranment clocks, be sure to look for “WSOP” not Rio Las Vegas. The Bravo Poker Live app is available for IOS and Android devices.

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