Tony Dunst Wins WPT Caribbean Main Event for $145,000

Tony Dunst won the first WPT title of his career. (Photo c/o WPT)

Tony Dunst won the first WPT title of his career. (Photo c/o WPT)

Day 5 of the World Poker Tour Caribean Main Event in Saint Maarten lasted 120 hands. Winning the last hand and claiming the title was one of WPT’s own – Tony Dunst – host of the Raw Deal TV segments. Dunst cashed for one of the largest scores of his career with $145,000 and his first major title win.

Dunst entered the final table with the chip lead but just barely with Severin Schleser holding virtually the same stack (1.4 million). Robbie Bakker and Marvin Rettenmaier followed while Giacomo Fundaro and Zoltan Purak were the short stacks.

The first player to bow out was Bakker after he went to the flop of A T 5 with Dunst. Bakker c-bet, Dunst called and the turn came 2. Bakker bet around 200,000, Dunst called and the river came Q. Bakker moved all in and showed pocket aces but Dunst rivered a flush holding J T and Bakker was eliminated.

Twenty hands later Purak moved all in preflop and Dunst called with A Q. Purak tabled pocket eights and was at risk. The board ran 5 5 2 T Q and the queen on the river ended Purak’s day.

Ninety minutes later perennial BLUFF Player of the Year contender Rettenmaier shipped his stack in preflop and Schleser called holding A J. Rettenmaier tabled J 8 and watched the tournament run away from him when the board ran A K 2 7 T and he was out in fourth place.

The very next hand Fundaro raised, Schleser three-bet and Dunst put in a fourth bet. Fundaro folded, Schleser moved all in for 1.2 million and Dunst called with A K. Schleser turned up A Q and the board ran K T 8 9 4 and Dunst’s pair of kings eliminated Schleser.

Dunst took a huge lead in the heads up match when Dunst three-bet preflop, Fundaro called and the flop fell J T 3. Dunst check-called 205,000, the turn came A and both players checked to the river. The final card came 3, Dunst bet 530,000 and Fundaro tank-called. Dunst tabled A 3 for a full house and Fundaro mucked.

Five hands later Dunst set Fundaro all-in, Fundaro called with K 3 and Dunst tabled J 2. The board ran J 9 2 6 6 and the pair of deuces sent the pot to Dunst and earned him his fourth knockout of the final table and the win.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Tony Dunst – $145,000
  2. Giacomo Fundaro – $100,000
  3. Severin Schleser – $63,500
  4. Marvin Rettenmaier – $46,800
  5. Zoltan Purak – $35,900
  6. Robert Bakker – $28,700
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