Tournament Tracker: Serock’s Aruba Win & IPT Grand Final Crowds

Serock has over $600,000 in earnings so far this year

His name has been all over the news the past couple of months, but believe it or not, it took Joe Serock until this week to notch his first live tournament victory. We’ve got the news on Serock’s Caribbean cash, highlights from the IPT Grand Final in San Remo and more in this edition of Tournament Tracker:

Serock notched a live win at the first-ever PPC Aruba Main Event, but the payday actually paled in comparison to his recent third place finishes in $10,000 WPT events.  The $3,000 buy-in event in Aruba didn’t draw the largest crowd, so Serock bested a field of just 31 players to pick up the win and a $40,000 check.

While the turnout in Aruba was relatively small, the Grand Final of the Italian Poker Tour (IPT) drew quite a crowd with 418 players taking part in the €2,200 buy-in Main Event.  The €810,000 prize pool equated to more than $1 million US dollars. The biggest payday went to that of winner Davide Biscardi, who pocketed €200,000 for his win. American Scott Baumstein also made the final table, finishing sixth.

Another American fared well in the IPT High Roller event. Faraz Jaka picked up another score in San Remo, taking fourth in the €5,000 High Roller event. While the event does not give Jaka any BLUF POY points, the €19,900 payday marks his eighth cash so far this year.  Borge Dypvik booked the win in the High Roller, picking up €73,500 for his efforts.

The IPT Grand Final wasn’t the only show in Europe this week either. The latest Unibet sponsored live event in Paris drew nearly 440 players for its €1,500 buy-in event. Jaroslaw Barglik bagged the win in the event not to mention over €140,000. EPT winner Kent Lundmark took second for a healthy €98,051 payday.

Down under, the ANZPT continued its season with a visit to Perth for an AUD1,100 event. Mathew Carlsson conquered the 310 player field to earn the trophy and AUD78,275.

Next week there will be some major prelim action from the Bellagio as the Las Vegas casino revs up for the WPT Championship. We’ll have the results from the big buy-in Bellagio tournaments and other results next week. until then, here are the latest final table results from around the circuit:

IPT San Remo €2,200 buy-in Main Event
Prize Pool: €810,920
Entrants: 418

1st: Davide Biscardi – €200,000
2nd: Philippe Clerc – €130,000
3rd: Jakub Michalak – €81,200
4th: Mirko Schiano Di Tunnariello – €60,800
5th: Christer Lagerstrom – €40,500
6th: Scott Baumstein – €32,500
7th: Pasquale Braco – €24,300
8th: Alessandro Longobardi – €16,220

IPT San Remo €5,000 buy-in High Roller Event
Prize Pool: €205,000
Entrants: 41

1st: Borge Dypvik – €73,500
2nd: Mustapha Kanit – €47,700
3rd: Carlo Savinelli – €27,800
4th: Faraz Jaka – €19,900
5th: Pier Paolo Fabretti – €15,900
6th: Rocco Palumbo – €14,050

Unibet Paris €1,500 buy-in Main Event
Prize Pool: €653,673
Entrants: 439

1st: Jaroslaw Barglik – €140,539
2nd: Kent Lundmark – €98,051
3rd: Daniel Pastor – €70,596
4th: Giorgio La Iacona – €54,908
5th: Quentin Lecomte – €39,220
6th: David Lichentin – €2,873
7th: Dan Murariu – €21,048
8th: Franck Tzafa – €16,342
9th: Tarek Bouchama – €13,073

ANZPT Perth AUD1,100 buy-in Main Event
Prize Pool: AUD310,000
Entrants: 310

1st: Mathew Carlsson – AUD78,275
2nd: Anthony Marenko – AUD49,600
3rd: Anthony Aston – AUD27,590
4th: Jon Curtis – AUD21,545
5th: David Lloyd – AUD17,050
6th: Didier Guerin – AUD13,950
7th: John Shin – AUD11,160
8th: Paul Satzke – AUD8,835
9th: Lucas Mierzwa – AUD6,510

PPC Aruba $3,000 buy-in Main Event
Prize Pool: $90,210
Entrants: 31

1st: Joe Serock – $40,594
2nd: Jesse Chinni – $24,357
3rd: Dave Poces – $15,336
4th: Steve Karp – $9,923

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