Byron Kaverman: ‘The Last Few Years I Haven’t Had a Place of My Own’

Bryon Kaverman at the WPT World Championship Final Table. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

Bryon Kaverman at the WPT World Championship Final Table. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

Byron Kaverman has been travelling the U.S. and Europe almost constantly since 2011 amassing $3.2 million in live earnings. He’s been so busy travelling that he hasn’t had a place to call home for the past two years. While living out of a suitcase Kaverman hit a hot streak in 2014 where he won nearly a third of his lifetime earnings in ten days. He sat down with BLUFF to discuss the past year in his life.

BLUFF: Last season you set the record for the most World Poker Tour cashes in a single season with seven. Was that variance running your way or was it something that you worked towards?

Byron Kaverman: Regarding the seven cashes, I guess it was just a combination of both. I was definitely running well to get deep in that many tournaments, but also I felt like I was playing good too. A lot of those I re-entered as well, it gave me more chances to run deep.

BLUFF: Since 2011, you have cashes all over the U.S. and Europe, how in depth are you planning your travel and tournament schedules?

BK: Back in 2011, everything was kind of sporadic. I didn’t really have a good idea of what I was doing a month ahead and past that. But now, I’ve really focused on setting a schedule for the upcoming six months. For the last year and a half or so, I’ve primarily stuck with that. It’s been a lot better that way, I have things mapped out and know what’s going on.

BLUFF: About one-third of your career earnings came in your back-to-back cashes in April at the WPT World Championship and the EPT Grand Final High Roller. When you think back to those ten days of earning over $1 million, what do you think about it?

BK: It was quite incredible couple weeks, that’s for sure. In March, I was playing tournaments in California and I’d been playing a lot. I felt a bit burned out. I went down to Florida and I was at the WPT Hard Rock and chilled out for a week or so. I didn’t really play any poker. I just kind of relaxed and took some time off. I felt very good going into the Borgata and obviously ran well there. I continued the heater in Monte Carlo.

BLUFF: It seems like you really haven’t had any substantial breaks since January 2011 when you really started hitting the circuit. How do you keep up with that pace?

BK: The few years of traveling was awesome. It was definitely a lot. It was something I hadn’t really done before getting into poker. I really embraced it and did a lot of sight-seeing. Like I said, in the Spring I got kind of tired of it, a little burned out would be the best way to put it. I haven’t had a place in a couple of years, so I decided to move to California and get a more balanced lifestyle going. But I’m still going to be traveling and playing quite a bit as well.

BLUFF: So are you saying you’ve been basically been without a place to call home for the past couple years?

BK: Basically, yeah. I was living in Columbus (Ohio) with a couple friends, but they moved away. The last few years I haven’t had a place to call my own.

BLUFF: You’re pretty well known for taking your time with decisions and going into the tank. How do you respond to criticism that excessive tanking is having a negative effect on the game?

BK: I definitely take a lot of time with some decisions. I feel like I am starting to play a little faster for the most part. As far as the criticism goes, I don’t really think it’s necessarily bad for the game. Players have the option to call for a clock at any time and I never feel disrespected or mad when that happens. It’s definitely part of the game. A couple times at the final table I took a long time–that was kind of ridiculous. I didn’t really realize how long it was. They were really tough decisions for me, probably two of the biggest financially that I’ve ever made. I definitely wanted to make sure I thought everything through and made the right decision.

BLUFF: What’s the rest of your year look like?

BK: Yeah, I’m going to Australia today for the WSOP. Then, there’s a little break in between, and then I’m going to play the Macau tournaments. From there, I’ll probably take a little break and play Montreal and then Vegas for a few weeks.

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