Trevor Pope Takes Massive Lead into $5K Final Table, 38 Left in $1K Event

Trevor Pope has almost half of the chips in play going into the final table of the $5,000 8-Max No Limit Hold'em event. (Jay Newnum photo)

Trevor Pope has almost half of the chips in play going into the final table of the $5,000 8-Max No Limit Hold’em event. (Jay Newnum photo)

There were no final tables on Day 3 of the 2013 WSOP but there was a lot of meaningful poker being played throughout the Rio. Four different events were in action as the $5,000 No Limit Hold’em made it down to a final table while the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em event reduced its field to less than 40 from an original total of over 3,100 entries. The always active $1,500 6-Max No Limit Hold’em reduced its field by almost 90% in a single day and action wrapped up as the $2,500 Omaha Hi-Lo/Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, the first mixed event of the series, got underway later in the afternoon.

$5,000 8-Max No Limit Hold’em

The first open event of the 2013 WSOP reached its final table of eight Friday night after a dominant performance by Trevor Pope. Pope had the chiplead with twice as many chips as Dan Kelly in second place when the field combined to a single table of nine, and over the course of the two hour final table bubble doubled that stack. His 3,420,000 represents just under half of the chips in play, with David Vamplew and Jared Hamby tied for second with a mere 629,000.

“I’m basically just going to try to use my stack to my advantage,” said Pope when asked about how he plans to take advantage of his massive chiplead, “I can afford to make mistakes that the others can’t. I’m just going to try to put as much pressure on them as I can in every scenario possible.”

Pope has been at several major final tables over the course of the last few years, including a seventh place finish at the WSOP in 2010 and a sixth place finish at the WPT Championship in 2012. In addition to his massive stack and previous experience, there’s also a level of familiarity among the final eight that should keep the atmosphere more relaxed than usual at the final table.

“I’m super good friends with D-Fish,” said Pope, “And I know every other person at the final table. I think no matter what happens tomorrow, we’re all going to be happier playing with each other, it’ll be a lighter atmosphere than usual.”

There were 28 players when Day 3 began, with pro after pro falling by the wayside. 2013 WPT Bay 101 champion Kai Chang was one of the first to go in 26th, and he was followed out the door by David Sands (25th), David Diaz (24th), Ben Yu (23rd), Joe Serock (17th), Brian Rast (14th) and Tom Marchese (10th). Rafal Michalowski, who began Day 3 with the lead, would go out on the final table bubble as he six-bet all-in with Q Q and ran into Pope’s A A.

Kelly is the only bracelet winner among the final eight, but Vamplew, Hamby, Brandon Meyers, Jamie Armstrong, David Peters and Darryll Fish each have extensive results and several major final tables apiece. Play resumes at 2 pm PT Saturday, with the live stream broadcast with hole cards getting underway 30 minutes later. Here are the full chip counts going into the final table of Event 2 of the 2013 World Series of Poker.

  1. Trevor Pope – 3,420,000
  2. David Vamplew – 629,000
  3. Jared Hamby – 629,000
  4. Dan Kelly – 625,000
  5. Brandon Meyers – 595,000
  6. Jamie Armstrong – 451,000
  7. David Peters – 435,000
  8. Darryll Fish – 432,000

$1,000 No Limit Hold’em

After a long day of poker in Event 3, just 38 players remain in the hunt for the bracelet. A strong run late in the day put Seth Berger in the top spot overnight with just shy of 1 million, bagging 994,000. Ryan Olisar finished Day 2 in second place with 815,000, looking to make a $1,000 No Limit Hold’em final table for the second consecutive year. Nam Le, Ryan Tepen, Scott Seiver, Jonathan Tamayo and Aaron Steury are among the other contenders.

Between the two starting sessions on Day 1 of the tournament there were 534 players who had chips at the the end of the night Thursday. That left a fair amount of work to do before the money was reached, with 210 players separating the field from a payday of at least $1,907. Blair Rodman, AP Phahurat, Kevin MacPhee, Steve Dannenmann, Matt Waxman, Bruce Buffer, Erick Lindgren, Jake Balsiger, Tony Dunst, Vinny Pahuha and Sean Getzwiller each managed to make the money but fell short of the big money. McLean Karr (83rd), Amanda Musumeci (71st), Josh Arieh (66th) and Ravi Raghavan (46th) got a better return on their investments but couldn’t survive the final hours of play Friday to make Day 3.

Play resumes at 2 pm PT Saturday and the plan is to play all the way down to a winner. Here are the top 10 chip counts after Day 2 of Event 3 of the 2013 World Series of Poker.

  1. Seth Berger – 994,000
  2. Ryan Olisar – 815,000
  3. Charles Sylvestre – 787,000
  4. Ping Liu – 475,000
  5. Vladimir Geshkenbein – 400,000
  6. James Matteucci – 383,000
  7. Nam Le – 361,000
  8. Travis Wiedower – 354,000
  9. Jia Liu – 351,000
  10. Garrick Lau – 346,000

$1,500 6-Max No Limit Hold’em

The first 6-Max event of the summer cracked the 1,000 player mark just before the close of registration, with the field eventually reaching 1,069 to create a prizepool of over $1.4 million. That leaves $324,764 and a bracelet for the eventual champion when all is said and done on Sunday.

As is generally the case in 6-Max events they flirted with making the money at the close of Day 1, but after 10 levels of play there were 117 left, nine away from the cash. 2012 WSOP bracelet winner Greg Hobson is off to a strong start in this one, bagging 160,500. 2009 WSOP Main Event champion Joe Cada (127,000), Keven Stammen (112,800) and Jesse Yaginuma (98,100) each finished among the leaders as well. They’ll be playing with Jon Turner, Matt Salsberg, Jonathan Duhamel, Shannon Shorr, Yevginiy Timoshenko, Todd Terry, Robert Salaburu and about 100 others when Day 2 begins.

Phil Hellmuth made his second deep run in as many events but went out just before chips were bagged Friday, making it his second straight finish just shy of the money. Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, Jason Somerville, Dan O’Brien, Jeremy Ausmus, Eugene Katchalov and Will Failla were just a few of the 900-plus others to fall on Day 1.

Play resumes at 1 pm PT and they’ll as close to a final table as they can on Day 2 of this three day event. Here are the chip counts going into Day 2 of Event 4 of the 2013 World Series of Poker.

  1. Greg Hobson – 160,500
  2. Joe Cada – 127,000
  3. Keven Stammen – 112,800
  4. Lee Gaines – 103,000
  5. Stewart Newman – 101,500
  6. Evan Michelson – 100,700
  7. Sean Stevens – 99,100
  8. Jesse Yaginuma – 96,100
  9. Gnatenko Oleksander – 91,000
  10. Matt Silva – 90,700

$2,500 Omaha Hi-Lo/Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo

The first non-Hold’em event of the series got underway at 5 pm Friday afternoon as a pro-heavy field gathered to play for a bracelet in the $2,500 Omaha Hi-Lo/Seven Card Stud event. By the close of registration there were 374 players, down slightly from the 393 who played the event in 2012. Defending champion Oleksii Kovalchuk was in the mix as he tried to defend his title, but he busted just before the close of Day 1.

Just under half the field survived Day 1, with 178 players moving on to play on Saturday afternoon. Matthew Ashton is the chipleader going into Day 2, his 57,800 putting him ahead of Allyn Shulman (51,500), Eli Elezra (38,700) and Matt Woodward (33,000). They’ll all be playing for $216,988 and the bracelet, but it’ll be quite a trip to even reach the money as 40 players, less than 25% of the remaining field, will make it into the money.

Play resumes at 2 pm PT Saturday, with the event scheduled to last three days. Here are the top 10 chip counts going into Day 2 of Event 5 of the 2013 World Series of Poker.

  1. Matthew Ashton – 57,800
  2. Allyn Shulman – 51,500
  3. Mike Gorordinsky – 47,100
  4. Andrew Kelsall – 39,900
  5. Eli Elezra – 38,700
  6. Zimnan Ziyard – 37,100
  7. Lawrence Fujii – 36,300
  8. Men Nguyen – 35,200
  9. Andrew Brown – 34,100
  10. Artem Litvinov – 33,700

Looking Ahead

The first weekend of the 2013 WSOP features one of the highlights of the series as the Millionaire Maker gets underway on Saturday. The $1,500 buy-in is guaranteed to have a first place prize of at least $1 million, regardless of the amount of players in the field. The first of two starting sessions gets underway at 11 am PT, with the second session beginning at 5 pm PT. If players are eliminated from the first starting session they can re-enter a single time in the second one, provided registration is still open.

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