Trevor Pope Wins $5K Eight-Max Event

Trevor Pope wins $5k No Limit Hold'em Eight-Max event on Saturday evening with his dog Revis in attendance (Jay Newnum Photo)

Trevor Pope wins $5K No Limit Hold’em Eight-Max event on Saturday evening with his dog Revis in attendance (Jay Newnum Photo)

Trevor Pope won his first bracelet on Saturday evening, but for his dog Revis, this is nothing new.

Pope is good friends with Joey Weissman, who won a bracelet last year. During Weissman’s final table, Pope brought Revis along to sweat the action and cheer on his friend. With Revis in the stands, Weissman won his first career gold bracelet.

Revis brought that same good luck to his actual owner in the 2013 WSOP  when the Wisconsin native took down the first open event of the series, the $5,000 No Limit Hold’em Eight-Max event, netting him a bracelet and $553,906.

“I would never give up Revis,” said Pope when asked if he would rent Revis to other poker players. “He’s my pride and joy and that’s something that money can’t buy.”

Even though Pope has no intention of renting him out, he does acknowledge the good fortune that his canine friend brings to the poker table.

“He’s our good luck charm,” said Pope. “Any time someone is at a final table, he comes and we are two-for-two.”

Pope came into the final day as a massive chip leader and was one of the top stacks in the tournament ever since Day 2. Even though he came into the day as the overwhelming favorite, he didn’t lose any sleep or feel any nerves because of it.

“I honestly didn’t feel any pressure,” he said. “When I leave [the casino] I kind of just go and leave poker at the casino. I left here and my friend was playing a $200 tournament and we just went to go watch him.”

With Pope having almost half the chips in play to begin the final table, most of the action was of the preflop variety with Pope scoring the first three knockouts in the first full level at the final table.

David Peters was the first player to exit the final table area when his K2 ran into Pope’s QQ. The flop was QT3 and the 7 on the turn left Peters drawing dead and took home $48,130 for his final table appearance.

Brandon Meyers was the next victim to run into the Pope buzz saw. Meyers moved all in preflop and was called by Pope, who had Meyers in very bad shape. Meyers tabled AQ and was way behind the AA of Pope. The flop brought the crowd to its feet when the dealer turned over the 678. With Pope’s cheering section screaming for black cards, the dealer burned and turned the 9 and then the 8 to give Pope the pot.

Pope sent Dan Kelly to the rail when we saw the first major suckout of the final table. With the blinds at 15,000/30,000, Kelly raised to 60,000 from the cutoff and was three-bet to 125,000 by Pope out of the blind. Kelly made the call and they saw a flop of T76. Pope check-called 65,000 from Kelly and check-called a 250,000 chip jam on the turn when the T fell. Pope showed Q7 and was well behind Kelly’s pocket aces. The 7 on the river brought gasps from both the table and the crowd as Kelly headed to the payout cage.

“The blinds were going up in a few minutes and I thought he might be trying to use his image and position,” said Pope of Kelly’s preflop raise. “So I decided to put in a three-bet with a crappy hand.

“When he called, I was fairly sure he had a very very good hand. He’s been known to flat his big hands against me because he knows that I have a lot of air. But it was such a good flop so I told myself that I would let him try to make me fold ace-high. Unfortunately for me, he wasn’t bluffing, but fortunately, the river was a hero.”

When the blinds increased to 20,000/40,000, Jamie Armstrong was the next casualty at the final table. Armstrong had taken a major hit to his chip stack when he doubled up Darryll Fish. Armstrong’s pocket queens could not hold off a seven on the flop against Fish’s pocket sevens. Shortly after that beat, he found himself all in against David Vamplew and was in need of some serious help. Vamplew tabled AQ and Armstrong revealed A3. The board ran out Q53JK and Armstrong was eliminated.

Once Armstrong exited, Pope went back to the one-man wrecking crew that he was all day.

Pope knocked out Jared Hamby when the two players got all the chips in the middle preflop with Hamby way out in front. Hamby tabled AK against the AJ of Pope. The board ran out 88595, which gave Pope a flush and a massive chip lead over the other two players left.

Pope wasted little time after sending another player home when he eliminated one of his best friends from the final table when he got tangled in a hand with Fish.

“Fish is one of my best friends,” said Pope. “A couple of weeks ago we were just living together in Costa Rica, so it was such a cool moment to be able to share this final table experience with him.”

Fish moved all in from the small blind with J8 and was called by Pope’s pocket nines. The board came 633Q4 and Pope held 6.6 million of the 7.1 million chips in play.

Vamplew was the only player that stood between Pope and his first career bracelet. After one double up by Vamplew, the two started a raising battle that led to all of the chips getting into the middle in a race situation. Pope held pocket fives and Vamplew tabled A6. The board ran out QJJ74 and Pope’s raucous cheering leaped over the railing to mob him on the final table stage.

Here are a look at the final table results:

  1. Trevor Pope – $553,906
  2. David Vamplew – $342,450
  3. Darryll Fish – $215,286
  4. Jared Hamby – $154,518
  5. Jamie Armstrong – $112,695
  6. Dan Kelly – $83,582
  7. Brandon Meyers – $62,915
  8. David Peters – $48,130
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