Tristan Wade Wins First Circuit Ring, West Palm Beach Main Event Title

Bracelet winner Tristan Wade defeated a packed final table to add another piece of jewelry to his collection as he took down the win at the Palm Beach Kennel Club Main Event.

Bracelet winner Tristan Wade defeated a packed final table to add another piece of jewelry to his collection as he took down the win at the Palm Beach Kennel Club Main Event.

Tristan Wade, a 2011 World Series of Poker bracelet winner and South Florida native, decided to enter the first WSOP Circuit Main Event of the 2014-2015 season at the Palm Beach Kennel Club. With his family and friends sitting nearby to watch him seal the deal, Wade defeated a stacked final table, beating fellow bracelet-winner David Diaz heads up to earn his first career Circuit ring Monday afternoon.

Wade topped a field of 303 players, with he, Diaz and Tom Midena coming back as the final three for the third and final day of the tournament. The two poker professionals have a combined $2.7 million in tournament earnings among them, and had already overcome several other bracelet winners to be in that position. Wade busted Midena early on, and one key hand heads-up between Wade and Diaz would all but determine the champion.

Chance Kornuth, a recent bracelet winner at the 2014 World Series of Poker, busted out seventh place when he put his pocket nines all in against Kristopher Bradshaw’s pocket eights. Bradshaw flopped an eight and Kornuth saw no help, as he hit the rails and collected $15,712. Zo Karim also managed to hold on deep in the event until he three-bet Wade pre-flop holding A K. Wade moved all in and Karim snapped called; Wade turned over pocket queens and was ahead. The board ran out T 5 4 8 6. This hand left Karim just 50,000 chips, while he put all in against Bradshaw the next hand. Bradshaw’s pocket fours held up against Karim’s J 7 as he was eliminated in the event in fifth place for $26,597.

Midena would be the first to exit the day after only an hour of play, when he entered a three-way pot with his remaining opponents. Midena and Wade had called Diaz’s 140,000 raise to see the flop of T 9 5. Wade bets 280,000, leaving Midena to push all in, and Diaz to fold. Wade reveals T 9 in good shape against Midena who was holding Q T. The board would run out with the K 2 giving Wade the last of Midena’s chips as he would  finish the tournament in third place for $47,963.

Not long into heads-up play and Wade made a huge call that would give him a commanding chip lead. Wade called from the button and Diaz checked in from the big blind. The flop came out 9 3 2 and Diaz checked. Wade lead out 50,000 chips, and Diaz opted to re-raise to 190,000. Wade would make the call, and the Q is revealed on the turn. Diaz followed with a bet of 450,000 and Wade continued to call to see the K on the river. Diaz checked, Wade pushed out 650,000, and Diaz contemplates before pushing all in. Wade tanked before calling and Diaz tables the 3 2; unfortunately for Diaz, Wade tabled the Q 9 for a larger two pair to take down the pot.

With Diaz sitting short, Wade would raise to 80,000 and Diaz pushed all in. Wade called and turned over the K T and he would be up against a pair of jacks. The flop didn’t change anything for the players and left Diaz in the lead as it showed the  A 8 7, but the turn put Wade in the lead with the K. Diaz’s tournament life would be on the line with the next card, and was sent packing when the 7 was laid out on the river. Wade would walk away with the win and his first Circuit ring, while Diaz would finish in second place for $66,039.

Wade won his bracelet at the 2011 World Series of Poker Europe; he beat out 257 other entrants to the tournament to win Event #4, the No Limit Hold’em Shootout that October, walking away from the event with a bracelet and $182,048 for his efforts.

Here are the player’s finishing positions and payouts for the final table:

  1. Tristan Wade – $106,806
  2. David Diaz – $66,039
  3. Tom Midena – $47,963
  4. Kristopher Bradshaw – $35,428
  5. Zo Karim – $26,597
  6. Will Souther – $20,284
  7. Chance Kornuth – $15,712
  8. Benjamin Zetina – $12,353
  9. Philip Consolo – $9,858


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