Vanessa Selbst and Brandon Shack-Harris Win Big In WSOP Events

Vanessa Selbst was the center of attention on Friday at the WSOP. (Drew Amato Photo)

Vanessa Selbst was the center of attention on Friday at the WSOP. (Drew Amato Photo)

There was lots of excitement Friday afternoon at the Rio, especially in the Amazon Room, that attracted a lot of attention. Vanessa Selbst fought it out against Jason Mo to clinch a win in the $25,000 Mixed Max. Doyle Brunson was right next door playing Day 2 of the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw, and on the other side the final table of the $1,000 Pot Limit Omaha was still chipping away. The first official bracelet ceremony also took place this afternoon around 3 pm, awarding Roland Reparejo the first bracelet of the 2014 World Series of Poker. Jack Effel, WSOP tournament director, presented Reparejo his bracelet as the national anthem for the Philippines was played for the first time at a bracelet ceremony.

$25,000 Mixed Max Final Table

Mo and Selbst began their heads-up match today at 2 pm with Mo having a slight edge going into the day. Selbst had asked if she could have her pets on the rail today, and sure enough, they are right there with the rest of her cheering section. Meanwhile, Mo and his rail were excited as his lead over Selbst continued to stretch early in the match. Mo had 7,545,000 chips to Selbsts’ 2,275,000, however Selbst is no stranger to the comeback trail. Around 4:30 pm, Selbst played a huge hand against Mo, and won a five million chip pot to take the lead over Mo for the first time. Selbst opened for 250,000 and Mo three-bet for 750,000, allowing Selbst to call. The flop came out J T 5, to which Mo checked and Selbst pushed out 580,000. Mo quickly reached for chips and called to see the turn, which was the Q. Both players checked, and the river revealed the 2 to which Mo lead out a bet of 1.315 million chips. Selbst just called as Mo laid down A Q. Selbst slyly revealed Q Q to take a huge advantage.

Half an hour later, Mo went all-in with 9 7 against Selbst’s K J and the board failed to help Mo improve, giving Selbst all the chips for the win, the bracelet and $871, 148 leaving Mo to take 2nd place and walk away with $538, 308.

$1,000 Pot Limit Omaha Final Table

The final table started back up at 1 pm with the six remaining players taking their seats. The final table of nine was set Thursday night, but the players agreed to finish out the remaining two levels before calling it quits for the evening. Steve Billirakis returned as a prominent chip leader, hoping to win his third bracelet with a win today. Of course the $205,634 for first place was up for grabs as well.

About 45 minutes into the day, Robert Paddock was the first elimination of the day, earning $31,978 and a fifth place finish. Paddock played a hand against Billirakis where his nut flush draw and wrap never got there, making Billirakis two pair hold. Matthew Ryan was eliminated in 5th place for $42,658, after failing to improve against Morgan Popham and getting sent to the rail. Brandon Shack-Harris had overtaken the chip lead with over 1,000,000 chips out of 3,384,000 total chips in play. Steve Billirakis, chip leader going into the day, was eliminated in 4th place for $57,785. Billirakis had been on a slow decline for most of the day, but gave up the last of his chips to Brandon Shack-Harris as the two-time bracelet winner failed to wrap it up.

Morgan Popham and Brandon Shack-Harris began heads up play around 5 pm when Iori Yogo was eliminated in 3rd place for $79,611. The hand that saw Yogo’s exit was a three-way hand, when Yogo went all-in with his last 20,000 chips, leaving Popham to complete the small blind and Shack-Harris to check into the hand. Shack-Harris and Popham check down the hand, leaving Shack-Harris to reveal a king-high flush, taking in the pot and the remainder of Yogo’s chips. This gave Shack-Harris (3,000,000) a huge chip lead over Popham (390,000) for the heads-up match.

Popham was eliminated in 2nd place for $127,245 when he went all in with A A T 5 against Shack-Harris’ A K K 5. Popham had several outs, however failed to complete when Shack-Harris pulled a straight on the 8 6 Q J T board and earned a bracelet along with $205,634.

$10,000 Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Lowball Day 2

Just 52 players began the day out of a field of 120 with many familiar faces still in the crowd. $55,324 up top for the players who returned for Day 2, as the cards were dealt out at 2pm.

Mike Peltekci started the day as the chip leader, with Sergey Rybachenko close behind, and Tom Schneider, a four-time WSOP bracelet winner in a close third coming back today. 45 minutes into the day and the top three still remain, however, Tom Schneider has chipped up to first with 182,000.

Ten-time bracelet winner Doyle Brunson, who had been grinding a short stack for a majority of the day, was sent to the rail along with Scott Clements and Don Nguyen by mid-afternoon. Meanwhile, the chiplead continued to see-saw between Schneider, Rybachenko, and Peltekci. Other notables have been chipping up including Justin Bonomo, Barry Greenstein, and Dan Shak. At 6 pm, there were 33 players still left in the game with the money bubble due to hit when they reach 12 players for a cash of $24,342.

$1,000 No Limit Hold’em Day 2

Day 2 began with 170 players from a starting field of 2,224. The players have locked up the prize pool at $2,001,600, and each player was guaranteed at least $2,161. Play began at 1 pm, and only an hour later, the field had dropped by over 50 players. By 6 pm, they were down to just 67 players left, with a tight fight at the top for chip lead. Dale Beaudoin, who has the chip lead, won a big hand with AK and eliminated two players, giving him the chip lead. Here are some notables that have a decent amount of chips:

  • Dale Beaudoin – 290,000
  • Robert Kuhn – 230,000
  • Jeff Gross – 138,000
  • Jamie Kerstetter – 135,000
  • Andrew Lichtenberger – 103,500

Some of the people who have hit the rail since the day began were Olivier Busquet, Ken Wu, Geronimo Caesar, Louis Bruning and Rinat Shakirov.

$1,500 No Limit Shootout

Play began at noon and brought in 948 entrants with a prize pool of $1,279,800. The clocks were stopped nine minutes into the day when trouble arose among the tables. The tournament was held up for 35 minutes while supervisors went table-to-table, explaining to dealers how to take the blinds out of the unsold stacks. The tournament started back up, and apart from some grumbling on Twitter, players continued the day as usual.

Phil Hellmuth arrived to the tournament late as is his custom, and busted early along with Phil Ivey, Michael Mizrachi, and Victor Ramdin.

By 6 pm several people had advanced or were ahead at their tables, including Shannon Shorr, Christian Harder, Allen Kessler, Robert Mizrachi, Dominik Nitsche, Greg Merson, Matt Salsberg, Daniel Negreanu.

$1,500 Razz

Day 1 of the $1,500 Razz began at 4 pm, rounding out a busy tournament schedule for the day. Excitement began at one of the tables where former bracelet winner Frank Henderson was at the same table as Don Zewin, who was runner up to Hellmuth in this same event in 2012. Also at the table was Marco Johnson, who won a bracelet last year.

Bryan Campanello, who defeated David Bach heads-up last year in $2,500 Razz event, was seen in the crowd today. Some other notables include Matt Smith, Hellmuth, Steve Gee, Chris Wallace, and Mohsin Charania.

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