Vanessa Selbst Leads High Roller, Makes PCA History with Schemion

Vanessa Selbst looks to defend her $25,000 High Roller title. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Vanessa Selbst looks to defend her $25,000 High Roller title. (Photo by Thomas Keeling)

Day 2 of the 2014 Caribbean Adventure $25,000 High Roller picked up a few new players and several re-entries to push the numbers up to 247 entries with 49 re-buys. It was a long day on the felt to trim the field down to 14 players and Vanessa Selbst is out in front after ending the day with 1.633 million.

Close behind Selbst is Joao Vieira with 1.604 million. Greg Merson and Marvin Rettenmaier both will carry seven-figure chip counts to Day 3. Also moving on are Daniel Negreanu, Dani Stern, Dan Smith, Ole Schemion and Paul Newey.

Selbst and Schemion are the first players to ever cash in the Super High Roller, Main Event and High Roller at the PCA in a single year. More importantly Selbst looks to defend her $25,000 High Roller title from last year.

Olivier Busquet, Jake Cody, Fabian Quoss, Chris Klodnicki, Philipp Gruissem, Farz Jaka and Ana Marquez were sent to the rail but not before registering a cash.

Justin Bonomo, Jason Mercier, Matt Glantz, Tobias Reinkemeier, Scott Seiver, Day 1 chip leader Jonathan Jaffe, Jeremy Ausmus, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Isaac Haxton and Timothy Adams were all eliminated without collecting a payout.

During hand for hand play on the bubble Mustapha Kanit picked up a sizable pot that pushed him over the million chip mark. He and Tommy Vedes were at the turn on a A J T 5 board, Vedes check-called 67,000 and the river came A. Vedes bet 73,000, Kanit made it 250,000 and Vedes went deep into the tank. He finally called, Kanit turned up K Q and Vedes mucked his hand.

Julius was the unfortunate bubble boy after Selbst moved all in from the button with short-stacked Ana Marquez and Julius in the blinds. Marquez folded but Julius called holding A K. Selbst tabled 8 7, the board ran 9 5 4 7 T and Julius was eliminated while securing $53,260 for the rest of the field.

Negreanu doubled up holding pocket queens when Ami Barer called holding pocket nines. Barer never improved and Negreanu stacked 575,000.

Schemion continued his run towards the top of the counts after he eliminated Benjamin Pollak. Schemion was ahead preflop holding pocket tens over Pollak’s pocket sevens. The board ran J 8 8 4 Q and Pollak was eliminated short of the money.

Schemion picked up another 200,000 after Cody moved all in preflop and Schemion called. Cody turned up pocket tens and Schemion had two over cards with KJ. The board ran K Q 8 J 7, Cody’s tens were beat and he was eliminated.

Marquez was eliminated late in the day leaving Selbst as the lone woman remaining. Marquez moved all in with K Q and Busquet called holding A Q. The board ran J 3 2 6 3 and Marquez was eliminated.

Merson gained a double up through Gruissem after the turn on a A 9 7 5 board. Gruissem bet 35,000, Merson shoved and Gruissem called after some consideration. The German tabled pocket queens and Merson showed 7 5 for two pair. The river came T and Merson chipped up to 300,000.

Merson doubled up late in the night through Busquet. Merson held A K, Busquet held pocket tens and the board ran Merson’s way with A J 2 5 K. Merson chipped up to 1.1 million and Busquet was eliminated shortly after.

Mercier lost most of his stack when he rain pocket jacks into Chris Oliver’s pocket queens. Mercier didn’t improve, was left with just a few big blinds and was eliminated minutes later.

The top 31 players were paid out with the min-cash worth $53,260. A trip to the final table will lock up $157,940 while the winner will walk away $1,279,880 richer.

Cards will be in the air promptly at noon ET.

Day 3 High Roller Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Vanessa Selbst – 1,633,000
  2. Joao Vieira – 1,604,000
  3. Myro Garcia – 1,181,000
  4. Greg Merson – 1,112,000
  5. Jacob Carl Schindler – 1,109,000
  6. Marvin Rettenmaier – 1,014,000
  7. Rob Mizrachi – 856,000
  8. Dani Stern – 837,000
  9. Daniel Negreanu – 723,000
  10. Mustapha Kanit – 705,000

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