Where to Stay if You’re Playing at the 2015 World Series of Poker

The 2015 World Series of Poker is right around the corner, and there’s a large population of poker players who will be out in Las Vegas for most or all of its 48 days. In order to give yourself the best chance at playing for a bracelet (or a Daily Deep Stack title, or any of hundreds of other tournament titles on the line this summer), you have to give consideration to what living arrangement best suits that pursuit.

For some touring pros, hotel living is a way of life and offers everything they need over the course of seven-plus weeks. Others require a bit more of a taste of home, and there are plenty of options along those lines as well. No matter what your preference is, however, know you’re competing against every other player coming out for the WSOP for the prime real estate, and know that research and thinking ahead are two of the best tools at your disposal in your search for a place to lay your head down when you’re dreaming of bracelets.

Caesars Properties

With the Rio once again serving as the home of the WSOP in 2015, it’s naturally going to be the place where players with either long or short-term trips planned are going to want to stay. For convenience’s sake, you’re going to be paying at least $66 a night for the right to just walk downstairs and play. As the Rio is a Caesars property, all of its sister properties are also offering bonus rates for the summer, which you can book most easily here. The rates range from Harrah’s ($42/night) at the low end to Caesars ($120/night) at the upper end of the spectrum.

Other Hotels

There are numerous other hotel properties that offer special rates for the summer or, at the very least, have a poker room rate for those staying for just a few days this summer. For these properties, it’s best to contact each individual property to find exactly what they’re offering – although it’s rumored that the popular Palms Place has already sold out its available units for the summer.

Rates vary, but the Aria and Bellagio are among the most sought after higher-end properties for players looking for a comfortable and more luxurious stay. The Gold Coast is also popular option due to its proximity to the Rio, with special WSOP rates coming in at $42/night from Sunday to Thursday for most of the summer and $109/night for Fridays and Saturdays. Those looking for the cheapest rates, who don’t mind making a longer trip to the Rio, might look at some of the Downtown casinos like the Golden Nugget, Four Queens or The D.

Houses and Condos

For those seeking a little more normalcy between tournaments, there are plenty of rental properties throughout the Las Vegas area that are available for rent for as long or as short a trip as you’re planning to take. The price will vary wildly depending on the size and location within Las Vegas, but there are plenty of websites and property owners willing to rent to poker players, as it’s one of the most lucrative times of the year for them as well.

A search for ‘vacation rentals’ will bring up a wide range of options, with sites like FlipKey and Airbnb standing as a good baseline to start from. There are also smaller Las Vegas companies with a handful of properties available for rent, and for the true gamblers out there Craigslist offers some of the best deals you’ll find – although it’s very important to put in due diligence and research before locking anything down.


For those looking for a low/no-frills location within walking distance of the Rio, complete with a kitchen and a separate living room area, the ExtendedStay across the street from the Rio might be the right place for your summer. It appears as if a summer-long stay there is already unavailable, but you can call the hotel directly to inquire about specific dates throughout the summer.

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