Why Do You Love Poker? Because You’re Not Playing with Curtis Rystadt?

Mornings are never fun. The best way to manage them – to get through them really – is to create a routine. For most people that means a shower, a commute, a coffee and spending the first 15 minutes of your day procrastinating before getting your workday started. Here at BLUFF, we think The Ante should be a key part of your routine. Every weekday we bring you all the poker news you might have missed and get you ready to take on your day. Carpe diem.

Ultimate Poker Asks 25 Players One Simple Question

The game of poker attracts people from all walks of life, and all of those wildly divergent personalities come together for a shared experience at the table. For each one of those people, there’s also a story behind what brought them into poker in the first place – and a reason why they keep coming back.

Ultimate Poker got right to the point with one direct question – ‘Why do you love poker?’ A camera crew set up shop right outside the Red Rock Casino’s poker room, where they found 25 players from a wide variety of backgrounds to give their answers. Utimate Poker Team Pro Dan O’Brien makes a cameo towards the end, and it’s worth the three minutes – and perhaps even remind yourself of why you fell in love with poker.

Curtis Rystadt Trolls Kyle Keranen Hard on Day 5 of the WSOP Main Event

On the opposite end of the aforementioned happiness and love for the game lies what took place on Sunday’s World Series of Poker broadcast. Early on in the show viewers were introduced to Curtis Rystadt, whose chatter at the table and brief interview made him seem like a cheery, friendly guy. The rest of the show proved Rystadt was anything but that at the featured table on Day 5 of the Main Event.

Kyle Keranen, who is one of the overall chipleaders at this point in the tournament, grew tired of Rystadt talking during big hands, and small hands – and basically just continuously for hours on end. Keranen and Rystadt got into some hands, and it all led up to one of the more baffling hands played out on TV in quite some time.

Rystadt’s behavior did not go unnoticed, and the folks over at USA Today’s ‘For the Win’ noted just how angry Rystadt’s behavior made them. He ranks high up on the list of players you’d hate to see on your next day’s table draw in any tournament – although Rystadt still pales in comparison, in that respect and many others, to Dan Colman.

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