World Poker Tour: Brent Roberts Leads Final 47 at Parx Casino

Brent Roberts on Day 2 at the WPT Parx Open Poker Classic

Day 2 at the inaugural World Poker Tour Parx Open Poker Classic has come to a close near Philadelphia and the overnight chip leader is Brent Roberts with 749,500. The tournament saw 196 players return on Sunday but action was fast and furious throughout the day and now the tournament has three days to eliminate the final 47 players.

Chasing Roberts will be a number of player that finished the night with more than 600,000 in chips, including Shankar Pilai (731,500), Brock Parker (726,500), Anthony Gregg (655,500), Stephen Reynolds (627,500), and Joseph Wertz (607,500). Other big names that are still in the hunt include Victor Ramdin, Steve Brecher, Jon Turner, Jeff Forrest, Allen Kessler, Allen Bari, and October Niner Russell Thomas.

The money bubble burst on Day 2 during the last level of the night when 54 players remained. Busting the money bubble was a relatively quick affair. Within minutes there was a three-way all in at Table 65, which had been one of the toughest tables on Sunday, busting Bernard Lee, Lee Childs, Dwyte Pilgrim, and Ravi Raghavan throughout the day.

On just the second hand of the money bubble, Michael Ruana was all in preflop for about 100,000, and he was up against Pete Malkoun (~150,000) and another player (~160,000). Here were their cards, in descending order of chip counts:

Pete Malkoun:  A A
Player 2:  K K
Michael Ruana:  A Q

The flop came Q 7 4, and Ruana paired his queen to give himself a shot at tripling up.

But the turn was the 3, the river was the 5, and Malkoun won the entire pot with his pocket aces. Michael Ruana was eliminated on the money bubble in 55th place.

Here is a look at the players that finished in the money on Day 2:

54 Randy Brunette – $6,402
53 Jeffrey Spence – $6,402
52 Brian Taylor – $6,402
51 John Courtney – $6,402
50 Dennis Frederick – $6,402
49 Jospeh Liberta – $6,402
48 Nick Grippo – $6,402

Notables that busted during Day 2 outside of the money include Dwyte Pilgrim, Bernard Lee, Lee Childs, Dan Kelly, David ODB Baker, Faraz Jaka, Andy Frankenberger, Amanda Musumeci, two-time WPT champion Cornel Cimpan, Chris McCormack, Brett Richey, Nick Binger, Xuan Liu, Shaun Deeb, Matt Brady, Lee Childs, and Parx Poker Room Ambassador Matt Glantz.

Here is a look at the top 10 overnight chip counts:

Brent Roberts – 749,500
Shankar Pillai – 731,500
Brock Parker – 726,500
Anthony Gregg – 656,500
Stephen Reynolds – 627,500
Joseph Wertz – 607,500
Gregory Shvarts – 570,500
Dave Eldridge – 493,500
Andre Nyffeler – 492,000
Joey Couden – 486,500

Day 3 begins at Noon ET on Monday and BLUFF will bring you another recap of the tournament’s events at the conclusion of play. The field will play down to the final 27 players on Day 3, or if the pace of play is fast, they will possibly play all the way down to the final 10.

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