World Poker Tour: Parx Open Poker Classic Day 1A

Shuffle Up and Deal at Parx Casino (Photo Courtesy of World Poker Tour)

Day 1A has come to a close at the first event on the U.S. leg of Season XI on the World Poker Tour. The Parx Open Poker Classic began on Friday in the Philadelphia area and the inaugural day of this tour stop attracted a field of 213 players. There were 93 players that made it though 10 levels of play, and with the players that are pre-registered for Saturday the total field stands at 327, a number that will surely grow tomorrow.

The chip leader at the end of play is Cornel Cimpan with 242,800. The two-time WPT champion will see if he can add to his L.A. Poker Classic victory in Season V, and his World Poker Finals win of Season VII. Close on his heels is Greg Shwartz with 220,000 and William Brandise with 208,300.

Big names elsewhere in the top 10 include Ravi Raghavan with 166,500 and Paul Volpe (132,800). Other notables that made it through the day include Steve Brecher, Xuan Liu, David ODB Baker, Jason Koon, Nick Binger, Dan Shak, Faraz Jaka, Dan Kelly, Victor Ramdin, Shaun Deeb, and Dwyte Pilgrim.

The most notable situation on Day 1A was the unofficial featured table of the day that came together as tables broke and professional players were seated right next to each other. Here is a look at that table at its most loaded point on Friday:

Seat 1.  Bryan Piccioli
Seat 2.  Jack Hirschman
Seat 3.  Christian Harder
Seat 4.  Will Failla
Seat 5.  Peter Ippolito
Seat 6.  Dwyte Pilgrim
Seat 7.  Chris McCormack
Seat 8.  Victor Ramdin
Seat 9.  Scott Blackman

The table was talkative and big pots developed between the various players. A spirited game of Lodden thinks – in which players bet on over/under guesses amongst each other based on peculiar hypothetical numbers – broke out at the table and it caught the attention of most everyone in the room at some point. It had most of the players at the table laughing it up while they played. Christian Harder tweeted the following about the game: “Playing Lodden thinks – “how many hot dogs are sold during a yankees game” and die hard Yankee fan Scott Blackman was the Lodden & said 117. That has to be the worst answer in the history of Lodden thinks. ”

Will Failla eventually fell during the day, and that brought about an end to the game of Lodden thinks. Other big names that were lost along the way on Day 1A include Tony Dunst, Dan O’Brien, Cherish Andrews, Amanda Musumeci, Allen Kessler, Matt Brady, Matt Glantz, and Jason Somerville.

The tournament begins again at Noon ET on Saturday, and among the runners expected is back-to-back WPT champion Marvin Rettenmaier. He is flying over from his win at the WPT Merit Cyprus Classic on Thursday, and riding on the heels of his WPT World Championship win to close out Season X. He has a chance, albeit a small one, to become the first three-peat winner in WPT history. A long shot for sure, but it will be fun to watch tomorrow, and since he is the first consecutive champion on the tour he has a ton of momentum.

Here is a look at the top overnight chip counts:

1. Cornel Cimpan – 242,800
2. Greg Shwartz – 220,000
3. William Brindise – 208,300
4. Anthony Maio – 191,200
5. Ravi Raghavan – 166,500
6. Grayson Ramage – 144,400
7. Brian Taylor – 135,600
8. Richard Pyne – 135,200
9. Stephen Reynolds – 134,900
10. Paul Volpe – 132,800

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