WPT: Amateur Sean Jazayeri Trumps the Pros at LAPC

Jazayeri will be back in action at the WPT Championship in May

Each year, the World Poker Tour’s LA Poker Classic manages to produce a final table packed with talent.  Past winners include Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Antonio Esfandiari, and Michael Mizrachi, and this year’s group had several young, talented contenders to join that group like David Sands, Jason Somerville, and Dan Kelly.

Instead of a 25 year-old poker pro, this year’s LAPC champion is a suspender-wearing amateur from Washington named Sean Jazayeri.  The WPT Boot Camp graduate came into the final table with the chip lead and left with a WPT title, besting the pros to win more than $1.3 million.

Jazayeri kicked off his final table run with a bang, winning a coin flip on the second hand of play to eliminate Somerville in sixth place.  Jason Burt was the other short stack when play began and, though he managed to double up once, he only lasted 12 hands at the final table before falling to Kelly.  Burt called all-in on a K43Q board with KJ for top pair while Kelly held J[10c] for an open-ended straight draw.  It was a dramatic river card as the A gave Kelly a straight to send Burt to the rail.

Jazayeri picked up his second KO of the night taking out Noah Schwartz in fourth place when Schwartz shoved AJ right into Jazayeri’s pocket kings.  That gave Jazayeri more than twice as many chips as his next closest competitor heading into three-handed action against Kelly and Sands.  Jazayeri had the chips three-handed, but it was Sands who had the momentum.  The pro went on a tear to go from 20 big blinds to chip leader, doubling up twice and eliminating Kelly in third place to put him in a great spot to win his first major title.

Sands slowly chipped away at Jazayeri during the early goings of heads-up action, but Jazayeri more than made up for any chips he lost by winning a gigantic coinflip holding AK to Sands’ pocket queens.  The very next hand, Sands was all-in for hist last 15 big blinds with KQ to Jazayeri’s A5.  Sands hit the K[10s]5 flop and the J on the turn left Jazayeri drawing to just five outs.  Luck was on Jazayeri’s side though, as he hit the 5 on the river to make trip fives, take the pot, and pick up the win.

Jazayeri defeated a field of 549 players, a field that anyone who played in it can tell you was stacked to the brim with top poker talent.  In an event where past LAPC winner Ivey just missed out on the money, Jazayeri picked up the biggest payday of the WPT’s tenth season and showed a table full of young pros just who is the boss.

Here are the final table results from the LA Poker Classic Main Event:

1st: Sean Jazayeri – $1,370,240
2nd: David Sands – $806,370
3rd: Dan Kelly – $521,770
4th: Noah Schwartz – $355,750
5th: Jason Burt – $252,980
6th: Jason Somerville – $202,910

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