WPT: Bobby Oboodi Wins Record Borgata Event

Oboodi is now second in the WPT Player of the Year race behind Will Failla

The final table of the World Poker Tour’s Borgata Poker Open may not have been packed with superstar poker talent, but if you listen to Bobby Oboodi, he will tell you he is poker’s next big thing. In his winner interview with Mike Sexton, Oboodi told him, “It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.” Oboodi also assured Sexton he would be putting his $25,000 buy-in to the WPT Championship to use by taking that event down as well. Oboodi does have a pretty nice calling card on his hands now. BY winning the Season X Borgata Poker Open, Oboodi defeated the largest field in WPT history and basically did so without breaking a sweat.

Oboodi began the day nearly tied for the chip lead with the player that would come to be his nemesis of sorts at the final table. Well, not Oboodi’s nemesis per se, but Fred Goldberg and Oboodi’s rail arguably had the biggest altercation of the tournament. Goldberg came over to the group of loud railbirds early in final table action and told them to cool it. The argument escalated and once Goldberg started getting in one fan’s face and exchanging threats, two of Oboodi’s supporters were removed from the property by security.

While Goldberg grew frustrated both at and away from the table, Oboodi coasted through the six-handed action. Early on, Goldberg doubled up short stack Jin Hwang, while Oboodi busted the other short stack, Ricky Hale, in sixth place.

Goldberg continued to struggle five-handed, while both Oboodi and Hwang rose up the counts. Hwang doubled up a second time, this one through Darren Elias after he called off most of his stack preflop with Q7 then moved in on a Q53 flop. Elias called with A-K, failed to improve, and was left with the short stack. He hit the rail a short while later in fifth when he ran pocket jacks into Oboodi’s pocket kings.

Goldberg’s run in the tournament came to an end not too long after Elias. Goldberg continued to bleed chips, doubling up Daniel Buzgon and folding on the river in a hand against Hwang after putting all but a million of his chips in the pot. He doubled through Oboodi once, but busted in fourth place when he flopped top pair on a nine-high board and got it all-in against Oboodi, who held A-9.

For the middling stages of the final table, Oboodi had twice as many chips as anyone else at the table and with three players left, he was sitting on over 20 million chips, while his two competitors languished below the 10 million mark. The two shorter stacks consolidated when Hwang won a giant coinflip against Buzgon to eliminate him in third place. Buzgon was the highest finishing player who re-entered into the tournament.

Buzgon’s stack helped to put Hwang in striking distance of Oboodi for the first time all final table. Hwang kept it close and looked to be close to becoming only the third player in WPT history to come into the final table as the short stack and walk away victorious, but he made a move with the worst of it at the wrong moment and it would cost him the tournament.

On the final hand of play, Hwang moved all-in on a 766J board holding KJ for two pair. Oboodi called with Q2 for a flush, which held up as the river brought the 3. The winning flush gave Oboodi both the pot and the match and the former online player known as “bigredAK” captured his first-ever WPT title.

The 24 year-old is a local to the New Jersey area and even plays in home game with one of Jersey’s other notable poker pros, Allen Bari. While he talked a big game in his interview, his playing style spoke for itself in open of the more in control WPT final table performances in recent memory.

Here are the final table results from the Season X Borgata Poker Open:

1st: Bobby Oboodi – $922,441
2nd: Jin Hwang – $554,303
3rd: Daniel Buzgon – $335,433
4th: Fred Goldberg – $280,925
5th: Darren Elias – $230,610
6th: Ricky Hale – $186,585

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