WPT: Brian Lemke Ends Day 1B on Top at Borgata Poker Open

Brian Lemke is the chip leader for Day 1B at the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open.

Day 1B has come to a close at the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open and Brian Lemke finished at the top of the chip counts with 272,575 when play came to a close. As is the tradition here at Borgata, he was awarded $10,000 for finishing the night as the chip leader.

There are 465 players that made it through Day 1B. The size of the field today was 807, which took the total size of the tournament field to 1,181. Other top stacks include Kyle Bowker with 201,000, James Poper with 185,100, Mike Holm with 135,225, and David Pham with 130,225.

Lemke played well throughout the day, including this hand from after dinner, where he made the right call in a tough spot. The board read A K 5 A K when the hijack bet 8,000 and Lemke tanked. He eventually called and revealed Q 9. His opponent held T 9 so Lemke won the pot to grow his stack to 80,600 at that point.

The official prize pool was announced this evening and there were a total of 1,181 entries into the tournament. The full prize pool value is $3,897,300 and the winner will take home $818,847. The top 110 players in the field will score a min-cash worth $7,070. Here is a look at what the six final-table players will take home on Friday:

  1. $818,847
  2. $488,850
  3. $298,950
  4. $250,065
  5. $206,821
  6. $167,337

Notables that made it through to Day 2 include Jonathan Little, Irv Gotti, David Levi, Jeff Madsen, Cliff Josephy, Steve Sung and Mike Sexton. Little started his rise with a big double up before the dinner break. In the hand, the big blind shoved all in on a flop reading T 9 5 and Jonathan Little called all in for 50,850 under the gun. Their cards:

Little: T 9
Opponent: Q J

Turn and River: A A

Little won the hand to grow his stack to more than 100,000 and he joined the chip leaders for the day with that pot. He ended the night with 117,775.

Notables that were eliminated today include Christian Harder, Allen Bari, Barry Shulman, Mike Sica, Chris Klodnicki, Greg Ostrander, David Williams, Andy Philachack, Alex Phahurat, and Amanda Musumeci.

On her final hand, Musumeci raised to 925 preflop, and the hijack, cutoff, and small blind all called, before the big blind went into the tank. He eventually reraised to 5,500 and action was back on Musumeci. She decided to move all in for 19,700 and the hijack decided to call while everyone else folded. Musumeci flipped over T T and the hijack held Q Q. The board was dealt Q J 9 7 4 and Musumeci was eliminated from the tournament.

Check back in with BLUFF at the conclusion of play on Tuesday to read about all the action from Day 2 in Atlantic City.

Day 1B Top Chip Counts:

  1. Brian Lemke – 272,575
  2. Kyle Bowker – 201,000
  3. James Poper – 185,100
  4. Vadim Bulavchik  – 160,000
  5. Carl Pipitone – 150,000
  6. Mike Holm – 135,225
  7. David Pham – 130,225
  8. Matthew Salsberg – 122,600
  9. Jonathan Little  – 117,775
  10. Jean Gaspard – 108,850
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