WPT: Erik Seidel Defeats Erick Lindgren in Super High Roller

Seidel's running out of room on his mantle
Seidel's running out of room on his mantle

This isn’t a typo. This isn’t déjà vu. This isn’t a glitch in the matrix. Erik Seidel won another High Roller tournament.

The man the poker world has started referring to as Seiborg defeated a field of 29 players who plunked down $100,000 to take part in the Bellagio’s first-ever Super High Roller event. The $1,092,000 victory at the Bellagio sends Seidel’s 2011 soaring to $5.4 million. To put that number into context, it is about as much as John Racener earned last year for finishing second in the WSOP Main Event.

The road to victory was far from easy for Seidel, as the final table was absolutely stacked with talent including Ashton Griffin, Sam Trickett, Justin Bonomo, Vivek Rajkumar, Daniel Negreanu, and Erick Lindgren.

The final nine was pretty tough and the situation was only made tougher by the fact that four of the players were going home empty-handed. Griffin busted in ninth place at the hands of Justin Bonomo and Sam Trickett headed for the door shortly thereafter. Randy Dorfman took some brutal beats at the hands of Dan Shak early in Day 2 play and spent the afternoon battling a short stack. He never quite recovered and exited in seventh place and beginning money bubble play.

Cary Katz was the short stack when bubble play began and the other big stacks at the table were quick to prey on his blinds and put him to decisions for his tournament life. Katz busted out in sixth place in just such a scenario when Rajkumar shoved all-in from the small blind with K2 and Katz called with AQ. Rajkumar paired his deuce on the river to send Katz home with nothing.

Justin Bonomo led the field when the 17 players returned for Day 2 action, but he was the short stack by the time the players reached the money. He exited in fifth place at the hands of Lindgren and picked up $224,160.

After Bonomo’s elimination, Rajkumar and Lindgren were vying for the chip lead, but it would be Rajkumar who went home in fourth place. Rajkumar lost some pots and was one of the shorter stacks when Lindgren put his big stack to use by shoving all-in on him. Rajkumar held pocket aces to Lindgren’s J9, but Lindgren turned a nine and rivered a jack to take it to three-handed play.

That left Seidel, Lindgren, and Negreanu who was the short stack, but used his small ball style to maintain his stack and even chip up a little bit. Negreanu fought hard for quite a while, but he lost a pivotal race with pocket fours to Lindgren’s A6 to go out in third place.

When heads-up play began, Lindgren and Seidel were virtually even in chips, but Seidel pulled out to the lead over the course of nearly 50 hands. Then, Seidel and Lindgren opted to call it a night and return Friday to play down to a champion.

It looked like the third day of play would be a quick one when they got it all-in on the third hand of play with Seidel holding a flopped flush to Lindgren’s two pair. Lindgren filled up on the turn though and doubled up to take a slight chip lead. His lead didn’t last long though. Seidel whittled away at his opponent until he had over 90% of the chips in play.

On the final hand of the tournament, the two got it all-in on a flop of A42 with Seidel holding A5 to Lindgren’s J3 for a flush and straight draw. Lindgren bricked out and Seidel claimed yet another victory.

Even though these seven-figure scores seem like par for the course for Seidel, he seemed a little beside himself following the win. As photographers readied for the winner photo, Seidel shook his head several times and let out a couple of sighs as it sunk in that he just won another million dollars.

Here are the results from the WPT $100,000 Super High Roller Event:

1st: Erik Seidel – $1,092,000
2nd: Erick Lindgren – $700,500
3rd: Daniel Negreanu – $448,320
4th: Vivek Rajkumar – $336,240
5th: Justin Bonomo – $224,160

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