WPT: Final Table Set at Borgata Poker Open with Matt Burnitz on Top

Matt Burnitz is the chip leader heading into the final table at the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open.

The penultimate day of the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open Main Event transpired on Thursday in Atlantic City. Matthew Burnitz is the overnight chip leader with 9 million, and he is joined at the final table by Steve Brecher, Ofir Mor, Tyler Patterson, Ben Hamnett, and David Diaz. While Diaz and Brecher won the largest hands during play, Burnitz played solid throughout the day to consistently stack chips, and so he emerged with the chip lead during the final stretch of Thursday night.

It was actually Diaz who ran away with the lead to start the final table after doubling up through Brecher in one of the largest hands of the tournament. On the hand, Ofir Mor raised from middle position to 130,000, Brecher called from the button, and Diaz called from the big blind. The flop came J 8 5 and Diaz and Mor both checked. Brecher bet 275,000. Diaz check-raised to 750,000 and Mor folded.

Brecher called and the turn card was the 2. Diaz bet 1,075,000, and Brecher thought for a while before he moved all in. Diaz quickly called all in for 4,115,000 with J 8 for top two pair, jacks and eights. Brecher turned over 9 7 for a double-gutshot straight draw with a diamond flush draw. The river card was the 9 and Diaz won the pot with two pair to double up and take a massive chip lead with more than 10 million.

Even though Brecher lost that pot, he was still second in chips at that point with nearly 5 million. That was because Brecher won the other huge pot during the day off of Jeff Williams during play at the final two tables.

On that hand, Brecher raised from the button to 90,000, Williams reraised from the small blind to 230,000, and Brecher called. The flop came J 4 2, Williams bet 315,000, Brecher bet 815,000, and Williams moved all in. Brecher thought for a bit before he called with A J for top pair, top kicker, but Williams turned over K K for an overpair. The turn was the 8, and Brecher gets up to leave – turning his back to the board – but the river was the A. Everyone at the table reacted to the suckout, except for Brecher and Williams, who calmly accepted the result. Brecher was up to 6,948,000 after the hand and Williams was down to 2,175,000.

The path from 27 players down to six didn’t take too long but some notables were lost along the way. Big names to finish in the money on Thursday included the following: Jean Gaspard (27th place), Todd Terry (22nd place), Vinny Pahuja (16th place), Lee Childs (14th place), Kyle Bowker (13th place), Jamie Kerstetter (12th place), and Matt Brady (seventh place).

On the final hand of the night Mor raised under the gun to 250,000, and Brady moved all in from the big blind. Mor called with 9 9 and Brady turned over J J. The two players were nearly even in chips, though Mor had Brady slightly covered. The board was dealt 9 4 4 Q T and Mor flopped a full house to win the pot and he eliminated Brady on the TV bubble to end the night.

The final table will take place on Friday at 4 p.m. ET. You can check back with BLUFF at the end of the tournament to read a recap of the final table.

Final Table Chip Counts:

  1.  Matthew Burnitz – 9,000,000
  2. David Diaz – 7,150,000
  3. Steve Brecher – 5,755,000
  4. Tyler Patterson – 5,260,000
  5. Ben Hamnett – 4,720,000
  6. Ofir Mor – 3,600,000
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