WPT: Frankenberger and Harder Headline Foxwoods Final Table

Frankenberger is the latest WPT-made Millionaire

Day 5 of the World Poker Tour’s World Poker Classic Main Event at Foxwoods was short and bittersweet for Jonathan Little and Chris Klodnicki.  They are the two players who came up just short of the final table, as they busted in eighth and seventh places respectively over the course of just one level of Day 5 play.

Little came into the day below average and his stack got even shorter when he doubled up Eli Berg early in play.  He shoved from the button, intending to steal with 59, but Steven Brackesy looked him up with A5.  Little couldn’t hit and missed out on the chance to repeat his win at Foxwoods from Season VII.  Klodnicki fell soon after, getting it in against Brackesy holding top pair to Brackesy’s combination flush and straight draw.

Thanks to those to knockouts and a number of pots won without showdown, Brackesy will be chip leader when the final table gets underway on Tuesday.   He will begin the day with 1,807,000 with blinds at 8,000/16,000 ante 2,000.  The only other players who will begin with seven-figure stacks are Christian Harder and Daniel Santoro.  The other three players at the final table are two local players, Berg and Bob Carbone, and reigning WPT Player of the Year, Andy Frankenberger.  Frankenberger will begin play as the short stack with 374,000, but Carbone and Berg aren’t big stacked either.  They will begin with 588,000 and 496,000 respectively.

With his third WPT final table in 18 months, Frankenberger is now the latest player to earn $1 million.  Harder could join that list too should he take this event down.  Those two are the only players with previous WPT final table experience.  Harder finished fifth in the WPT Championship in Season VII, while Frankenberger won Legends of Poker last year and followed that up with a sixth place showing at Festa al Lago.

The final table is set to get underway at 4pm ET on Tuesday with live streaming with hole cards getting underway on WorldPokerTour.com at 4:30pm on a thirty-minute delay.  Here are the chip counts and seat assignments for the final table of the World Poker Finals:

Seat 1: Steven Brackesy – 1,807,000
Seat 2: Daniel Santoro – 1,163,000
Seat 3: Christian Harder – 1,293,000
Seat 4: Bob Carbone – 588,000
Seat 5: Andy Frankenberger – 374,000
Seat 6: Eli Berg – 496,000

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