WPT: Joe Elpayaa Leads in Jacksonville after Long Day 2

Joe Elpayaa was on top of the leader board for most of Day 2 at WPT Jacksonville (Photo courtesy of WPT)

Day 2 at the World Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble was increased in length to ensure that the larger than expected field of 477 players would have enough time to finish the tournament within an abbreviated four-day schedule. The players took their seats at noon and the survivors would not be done until after 1 a.m. ET. When the tournament clock stopped there were 28 players left in the hunt and Joe Elpayaa is on top with 924,000. Noah Schwartz is right behind him with 916,000.

The big names still in the hunt for the final table include Justin Zaki (646,000), Jonathan Aguiar (604,000), John Racener (593,000), Mohsin Charania (578,000),  recent gold bracelet winner Joey Weissman (578,000), James Calderaro (430,000), Darryll Fish (320,000), Todd Terry (311,000), and Lee Markholt (244,000).

Notables that finished in the money on Day 2 included Mukul Pahuja (45th place), Harrison Gimbel (43rd place), Brian Hastings (38th place), Matt Waxman (37th place), and Nick Grippo (32nd place).

Not everybody could make the money on Day 2 and some familiar faces that did not score a min-cash of $7,632 were Amanda Musumeci, Dwyte Pilgrim, Joe Serock, Jonathan Little, John Dolan, Jon Turner, Ardavan Yazdi, Chris Tryba, Athanasios Polychronopoulos, Kenny Nguyen, Ronnie Bardah, Robert Salaburu, Stephen Reynolds, Victor Ramdin, Lisa Hamilton, Matt Stout, Matt Giannetti, Raj Vohra, Shaun Deeb, and Daniel Negreanu. Daniel Buzgon and Chris Klodnicki had particularly tough exits, busting in 48th and 47th place respectively and just missing the money.

After Klodnicki was eliminated in 47th place, the other tables finished their hands in progress, and the field managed to burst the money bubble in the process. In the bubble bursting hand Mark Stephen Edwards raised preflop to 10,500, the big blind moved all in for about 43,000. Edwards called with Q 9. The big blind turned over pocket jacks, and he was a favorite to double up. The flop was dealt K-10-9, giving both players a draw, and the turn card was another jack. The big blind turned a set, but Edwards turned a king-high straight. The big blind needed the board to pair or a queen on the river to stay alive, but the last card was a blank, and Edwards won the pot with his straight to burst the money bubble and send the unfortunate 46th-place finisher home empty handed.

The remaining field returns on Monday at noon ET to play all the way down to the final table of six. Day 3 will not end until that final half dozen is set, and you can check back with BLUFF at the end of play to see who will make the fourth U.S. WPT final table of Season XI here in Florida.

WPT bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble Day 2 Top Chip Counts:

  1. Joseph Elpayaa – 924,000
  2. Noah Schwartz – 916,000
  3. Brian Senie – 886,000
  4. Blake Bohn – 729,000
  5. Hans Winzeler – 700,000
  6. Justin Zaki – 646,000
  7. Ludek Sisak – 637,000
  8. Jonathan Aguiar – 604,000
  9. John Racener – 593,000
  10. Byron Kaverman – 578,000
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