Chris Tolone Leads Legends of Poker to Day 3, 67 Players Remain

Chris Tolone leads the field heading into Day 3 of WPT Legends. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

Chris Tolone leads the field heading into Day 3 of WPT Legends. (Photo courtesy of WPT)

Chris Tolone was the only player to cross the million chip mark after winning a key pot late in the night at the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker Main Event. Day 2 began with 250 players and by the night’s end just 67 bagged chips at the end of play.

Tolone was joined by Owen Crowe, Freddy Deeb, David Chiu, Matt Salsbreg and Ali Eslami ending the day with a healthy stack. Keven Stammen, Andy Frankenberger, David Williams and Ryan Riess also moved on to Day 3 but with a shorter stack.

Phil Laak, Nam Le, JC Tran, Mike Sexton, Mohsin Charania, Greg Mueller, Jesse Martin, Garrett Greer and defending champ Jordan Cristos were among the players who did not survive the day.

Twenty-seven players took advantage of the Quantum Reload, where players could buy-in directly on Day 2 for $10,000 and receive a 60-big blind stack, and Eslami, Stammen and Layne Flack were among those that used the Day 2 option that survived the day.

Tolone won one of the final hands of the night to take the lead. He and Nick Grippo got all in prelop, Grippo held pocket kings and Tolone had pocket queens. The board ran Q 8 6 J Q and Tolone’s quads propelled him up the counts as Grippo was eliminated.

Laak’s day wouldn’t last long – he was eliminated in the first level of the day. He was at the river on a board of A J J 7 4 against Greg Gliner. Laak bet 17,800 and had a little over 26,000 behind. Gliner moved all in having Laak covered and Laak went into the tank. Eventually Laak called, Gliner tabled pocket aces for a flopped full house and Laak held J 2 for trips.

Reigning WPT World Champion Stammen eliminated Cristos when Cristos shoved with pocket tens. Stammen tabled A Q and watched the board run his way when it fell A K 9 7 J.

Sexton and Greer clashed after they went to a flop Q 9 5. Greer three-bet shoved holding pocket kings and Sexton called having flopped a set holding pocket fives. The board blanked out for Greer and he was eliminated.

Mueller’s elimination was a case of bad timing when he shoved preflop holding pocket sixes. Mike Olson called with A T and promptly hit the flop of A A 8. With the pot firmly in hand the turn came A and Olson’s trips turned into quads to end Mueller’s day.

Day 2 Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Chris Tolone – 1,003,000
  2. Richard Munro – 756,000
  3. Tyler Cornell – 622,000
  4. Amit Makhija – 607,000
  5. Owen Crowe – 605,000
  6. Taylor McFarland – 605,000
  7. Kyle Welsh – 603,000
  8. Jeremy Kottler – 568,000
  9. Freddy Deeb – 562,000
  10. Anthony Tao – 555,000
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