WPT: Ludovic Lacay Leads Day 2 of Venice Grand Prix

Ludovic Lacay

Day 2 of the World Poker Tour Venice Grand Prix Main Event has come to a close with 36 players surviving of the 91 that began the day. Steve Behm carried the overall chip lead to Day 2 from the first starting flight but Ludovic Lacay will be the largest stack to start Day 3 with 351,400.

Lacay holds a commanding chip lead over second place Lauri Pesonen, who bagged up 287,300. Behm will carry over 263,800 to tomorrow and will be joined by Mike Sexton (241,500), Marvin Rettenmaier (187,700) and Kara Scott (113,400). Also advancing to Day 3 are Matt Salsberg, Giacomo Fundaro, Liv Boeree, Daniel Cates, Max Pescatori and Martin Staszko.

Players that didn’t survive the day included John Eames, Salvatore Blanco, Andrea Dato, Andrey Pateychuk and Dario Alloto.

Cates returned as one of the shortest stacks on Day 2 with just 13,000 but doubled up early in the day. He found pocket aces against an opponent with A J, the aces held and he neared 30,000. He finished the day below average with 87,600

Scott crossed the 100,000 chip mark when she picked up pocket aces against Gianluca Rullo and finished the day with 113,400. She lost a couple of preflop all ins or she would have been among the chip leaders at the end of play. The first she called Delfino Novara’s shove when she held pocket nines. Novara spiked two pair on the flop holding K J. Then she lost with pocket tens against an opponent’s [Kx] [Qx].

Rettenmaier continued his heater and finished the day with 187,700. He doubled up during the closing moments when he got his stack in preflop holding [Ax] [Kx]. His opponent tabled [Kx] [Qx] and couldn’t improve and Rettenmaier will try to carry that momentum in Day 3.

Behm ended the day with a bang when he tangled with Rocco Palumbo. Palumbo opened in early position, Behm called on the button and the flop fell K J 9. Palumbo bet a modest 5,500 and Behm moved all in for 150,000. Palumbo called after a little Behm table chatter and turned up K J for flopped two pair. Behm had the best of it with Q T by flopping a straight and watched his hand hold when the board finished 6 2. Behm stacked over 300,000 after the hand Palumbo plummeted to 60,000.


WPT Venice Grand Prix Top Ten Chip Counts

  1. Ludovic Lacay – 351,400
  2. Lauri Pesonen – 287,300
  3. Erion Islamay – 281,200
  4. Steve Behm – 263,800
  5. Giuseppe Pastura – 254,000
  6. Marcello Montagner – 249,000
  7. Mike Sexton – 241,500
  8. Francesco Delfonco – 225,000
  9. Gianluca Speranza – 205,400
  10. Angelo Recchla – 205,000
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