WPT: Matt Salsberg Wins Grand Prix de Paris

Matt Salsberg won the World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris on Saturday (Photo courtesy of WPT).

The World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris has come to a close and Matt Salsberg has topped the field of 228 players to win $515,720. It was the fourth win of his career and the first major tournament title of his career. He topped Theo Jorgensen in a heads-up final that saw Salsberg comeback for the win after it looked like he would be knocked out twice for a thrilling finish to the event.

Here are the chip counts when the final table began:

  1. Matthew Salsberg – 1,575,000
  2. Mohsin Charania – 1,435,000
  3. Timothy Adams – 1,198,000
  4. Theo Jorgensen – 1,169,000
  5. Philipp Gruissem – 776,000
  6. Fabian Quoss – 570,000

The first elimination came when Fabian Quoss shoved all in preflop with K J and Phillip Gruissem called with pocket queens. The board ran out J 9 3 7 2 and Quoss took his leave in sixth place.

Play continued five handed for quite some time before another all-in preflop situation lead to the second elimination of the final day of the tournament. This time it was Mohsin Charania who moved all in, and he did so with K Q in the hole. Salsberg called with A J and the board was dealt T 4 2 T 5. Charania was out in fifth place and he took home $121,987 to take his career earnings above $2 million.

Less than an hour later Timothy Adams was the one who was all in preflop, and he held A 8. Gruissem had him dominated with A J in the hole and after the cards fell T 7 6 7 5 Adams exited the tournament in fourth place. Gruissem had scored a knockout punch but he was the next player to fall in third place. He got the last of chips into the middle preflop against Theo Jorgensen. Their cards:

Jorgensen: K 9
Gruissem: J J

Board: A K 6 4 T

Heads-up play began with the chip counts fairly close but Jorgensen soon began to pull away and extend his lead. Salsberg then used a little help from lady luck to double up when his A-4 was dominated by A-5 and he spiked a four on the flop. Luck smiled upon him again when Salsberg was all in with A T against A Q. This time it was a flush that bailed out Salsberg and he staved off elimination one more time.

The third time the final two players got all of their chips into the middle, the tournament winner was decided. This time Salsberg was ahead with pocket queens and Jorgensen held Q T. The board was dealt 5 3 2 4 7 and Jorgensen was eliminated in second place after a strong run in the tournament and he took home $341,149. Salsberg was crowned the champion of the tournament and he collected the top prize of $515,720.

WPT Grand Prix de Paris Final Table Results:

  1. Matt Salsberg – $515,720
  2. Theo Jorgensen – $341,149
  3. Philipp Gruissem – $219,265
  4. Timothy Adams – $162,162
  5. Mohsin Charania – $121,987
  6. Fabian Quoss – $97,684

This is a busy stretch for the World Poker Tour. New Main Events on both the U.S. and European legs of the tour begin on Sunday, WPT Malta and the WPT Borgata Poker Open. BLUFF will have nightly recaps of both events.

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