WPT: Noah Schwartz Wins Jacksonville Main Event

Noah Schwartz captured his first WPT title and $400,000+ in Jacksonville on Tuesday (Photo courtesy of WPT)

The World Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble came to a close on Tuesday in Florida and Noah Schwartz emerged from a field of 477 players to take home the top prize worth $402,970. It is his first major title and the win takes him to $2,718,258 in career earnings. This was his fourth WPT final-table appearance and first WPT victory. Schwartz has now cashed 37 times in his live career and this win comes on the heels of his appearance at the $1 million buy-in Big One for One Drop event at the World Series of Poker this summer. He eliminated three of his opponents at the final table after entering with a large chip lead, and despite being even in chips with Byron Kaverman at the start of heads-up play, he quickly pulled away to lock up the largest cash of his live tournament career.

Here is a look at the chip counts when cards got into the air:

Seat 1: Lee Markholt – 1,720,000
Seat 2: Byron Kaverman – 1,075,000
Seat 3: Ryan Hartmann – 1,400,000
Seat 4: Hans Winzeler – 1,965,000
Seat 5: Brian Senie – 1,865,000
Seat 6: Noah Schwartz – 6,225,000

It didn’t take too long at all for the first elimination to take place. On the very first hand at the final table, Hans Winzeler min-raised from the cutoff to 80,000, Brian Senie reraised from the button to 200,000, and Schwartz cold four-bet it to 570,000 from the small blind. Lee Markholt then cold five-bet all in from the big blind for 1,715,000.

Winzeler and Senie both folded, and Schwartz tanked for a while before he called with Q Q. Markholt turned over A K for a race situation. The board was dealt T 5 5 J 7, and Markholt picked up a gutshot straight draw and a club flush draw, but he improved no further. Schwartz won the pot and eliminated Markholt in sixth place.

Schwartz scored his second elimination of the night when Brian Senie moved all in from the button for 600,000 and Schwartz called from the small blind with K T. Senie turned over Q T and he was dominated in the face of elimination. The board fell A K 8 4 8 and Schwartz won the pot with two pair, kings and eights Senie was eliminated in fifth place.

A battle then developed between Winzeler and Kaverman that saw them tangle in a couple of confrontation pots that ultimately led to Winzeler’s demise. The hand that determined the fourth-place finisher saw Kaverman min-raise from the button to 120,000 and Winzeler moved all in from the big blind for 1,025,000. Kaverman called with 3 3 and Winzeler turned over A J. The board was dealt K 9 6 Q 9, and the pocket threes held up for Kaverman to win the pot and eliminate Hans Winzeler in fourth place, earning $106,848.

Ryan Hartmann was on the short stack next and despite tripling up to hang on for a little longer his fate was inevitable with so few chips to work with. On his final hand Kaverman moved all in from the small blind, and Hartmann on the big blind said, “It’s time to gamble.” Hartmann called with Q J and Kaverman turned over 8 8. The board fell Q 7 5 6 9 and Hartmann paired his queen on the flop, only to see Kaverman catch a runner-runner nine-high straight to win the pot. Hartmann was eliminated in third place, and with his elimination the heads-up final was set.

Heads-up Chip Counts:

Byron Kaverman – 7,160,000
Noah Schwartz – 7,100,000

Despite facing the smallest of deficits (less than a big blind) at the start of heads-up play, Schwartz soon took control of the heads-up final and steadily increased his chip lead. On the final hand, Schwartz completed the small blind to 100,000, Byron Kaverman raised to 250,000, and Schwartz called. The flop was dealt T 9 3, Kaverman bet 400,000, and Schwartz called. The turn card was the 4, Kaverman bet 700,000, Schwartz raised to 1,925,000, and Kaverman moved all in. Schwartz called with Q T for top pair with a spade flush draw. Kaverman turned over T 9 for top two pair, and he’ll need it to hold to stay alive. The river card was the Q and Schwartz won the pot and the WPT title with two pair, queens and tens. Kaverman finished as the runner-up, earning $236,592.

Schwartz won $402,970 along with a coveted spot on the WPT Champions Trophy. That amount includes Schwartz’s entry into the season-ending WPT World Championship in Las Vegas.

WPT Jacksonville Final Table Results:

  1. Noah Schwartz – $402,970
  2. Byron Kaverman – $236,592
  3. Ryan Hartmann – $153,403
  4. Hans Winzeler – $106,848
  5. Brian Senie – $77,083
  6. Lee Markholt – $61,819
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