WPT: O’Dwyer Near Top of Small Day 1A Field in Venice

O'Dwyer is making a last minute push for BLUFF POY

If you think the 2011 tournament calendar is wrapping up, you’re getting ahead of yourself. Yes, Christmas is less than two weeks away, but there are still several events to go before the poker calendar wraps up for the year.  The World Poker Tour may have just wrapped up its Bellagio event, but there is one more event to go before the tour takes a break until January.

The WPT returned to Venice on Tuesday for a €3,300 re-entry event at the Casino Di Venezia, Canoghera and drew a small crowd of 78 players, 29 of which survived to the end of the day. By comparison the Season IX Venice event drew 523 runners and awarded eventual champ Alessio Isaia €380,000 for his efforts. The move on the calendar from early February to late December seems to have had an impact on attendance, as the stop will need a gigantic Day 1B turnout to produce a field half the size of last year.

The turnout was small, but several big names did manage to show up, including BLUFF Player of the Year contenders Steve O’Dwyer and Marvin Rettenmaier were in attendance, as were Roger Hairabedian, Sam El Sayed, Dario Alioto, and John Eames.  Hairabedian and O’Dwyer were the only ones of that bunch to make it through the day.  O’Dwyer didn’t just survive the action,  he dominated it, finishing second in chips with 159,000 chips from the 30,000-chip starting stack.

The only player to finish with more chips than O’Dwyer was Andrea Dato, who ended the day with 217,300. The Italian is the only player to bag up more than 200,000 chips.

Wednesday the tournament will offer its second starting day. Until then, here are the top ten chip counts from Day 1A of WPT Venice:

1. Andrea Dato – 217,300
2. Steve O’Dwyer – 159,000
3. Wanny Piazza – 154,000
4. Michael Caroli – 132,200
5. Umberto Calabro – 124,000
6. Roger Hairabedian – 120,600
7. Alessandro Fasolis – 111,500
8. Gianluca Nardone – 110,200
9. Cristiano Guerrero – 105,900
10. Rocco Paulmbo – 101,100

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