WPT: Orson Young Leads the Pack After Day 2 at Borgata Poker Open

Cherish Andrews finished Day 2 close to 500,000 at the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open.

Day 2 at the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open was fast and furious on Tuesday in Atlantic City. There were 625 runners that started the day and by the end of five levels of play the field had been decimated. Only 180 made it through to Day 3 and the money bubble looms large when cards get back into the air. Orson Young ended the night with a huge stack worth 728,000 for the chip lead.

In an interesting turn of events his girlfriend Cherish Andrews also ended the night among the chip leaders. She holds 495,300 and she is one of the top ten stacks. In the hand that started her rise in the chip counts, Andrews raised to 5,000 preflop from middle position and the button reraised to 21,800. Cherish three-bet to 55,000 and her opponent four-bet to 84,800. Cherish then five-bet shoved all in and her opponent made the all-in call. Their cards:

Cherish: Q Q
Opponent: A A

Board: J 4 3 Q T

Cherish won the hand to grow her stack to 513,000. Her opponent quickly tossed his chips away and exited the tournament field. Cherish was one of the chip leaders, only her boyfriend Orson Young held more chips (650,000) at that point in play.

Other top stacks at the end of the night include Parx Open Poker Classic runner-up Stephen Reynolds with 510,600, David Heck with 567,800, Michael Hickman with 537,300, Barry Hutter with 604,500, and David Diaz with 541,900. Big names that made it through to Day 2 include Todd Terry, Lee Childs, Matt Glantz, Tony Dunst, Dwyte Pilgrim, Steve Brecher, Barry Greenstein, Jeff Williams, Shawn Cunix, Matt Brady, and Brian Lemke.

The list of notables to exit the tournament field amongst the mayhem of the day was a lengthy one that included the following players: Lee Markholt, Matt Affleck, Matt Salsberg, Joe Serock, Joe Cada, October Nine chip leader Jesse Sylvia, Jonathan Little, John Racener, Steve Sung, Tony Cousineau, Ylon Schwartz, Will Failla, Olivier Busquet, Mike Sexton, Ryan D’Angelo, Chris Bell, Cliff Josephy, Allen Kessler, Andy Frankenberger, Amnon Filippi, Jeff Madsen, Gavin Smith, David Levi, Fred Goldberg, Eric Baldwin, Carlos Mortensen, and Matt Affleck.

On Affleck’s final hand, John-Allan Hinds raised to 4,800 from the hijack seat and Affleck moved all in for about 53,000 from the small blind. Hinds called, Affleck showed K K and Hinds revealed A Q. Affleck was leading after a flop of T 5 3 and a turn of 6, but his tournament ended when the A was opened on the river.

Check back in with BLUFF at the end of play on Wednesday to read about who made it into the money in this large tournament field. The top 110 players will get paid.

Day 2 Top Chip Counts:

  1. Orson Young – 728,000
  2. Barry Hutter – 604,500
  3. David Heck – 567,800
  4. David Diaz – 541,900
  5. Michael Hickman – 537,300
  6. Stephen Reynolds – 510,600
  7. Cherish Andrews – 495,300
  8. Brian Lemke – 456,800
  9. Todd Terry – 448,800
  10. Kurt Jewell – 445,900
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