WPT: Philippe Boucher Leads Day 1a in Montreal

Gross finished 2nd in chips for Day 1a.

Gross finished 2nd in chips for Day 1a.

The first of three starting days of the PartyPoker World Poker Tour Canadian Spring Championship at the Playground Poker Casino outside of Montreal, Quebec has wrapped up after ten levels of action. The day saw 194 entrants take to the felt and 79 players remain. Leading the field is Philippe Boucher after finishing the day with 278,100.

Boucher holds a substantial lead over the field with second place Jeff Gross bagging up 232,800. Also finishing in the top ten are Christian Harder (176,600), Poorya Nazari (156,000) and Kara Scott (121,500). Matt Salsberg (73,400), Huck Seed (65,900), Jonathan Little (65,000) and Tommy Vedes (58,300) will return on Day 2 with some to play. Bagging up smaller stacks were John Racener (48,300), Jared Jaffee (43,600), Aaron Massey (42,600) and Will Failla (41,800).

Matthew Jarvis, Mike Sexton, Phil Laak, Joe Serock, Jonathan Roy, Darryll Fish, Jeff Madsen, Daniel Buzgon, Vinny Pahuja and Paul Klann were eliminated throughout the day. The tournament allows for them to re-enter the next two starting flights and they will most likely use that option.

Gross won a large hand in the closing moments of action in the day against Chris McClung. An unknown player opened for 2,200, McClung three-bet to 5,200 and Gross made it 12,700 from the button. The original bettor folded, McClung five-bet to 27,000 and Gross called. The flop came J 7 3, McClung fired out an all in bet for 56,000 and Gross called holding pocket nines. McClung was ahead with pocket kings but that was all erased when the river came 9 and Gross was the first player to cross the 200,000 mark.

Serock was eliminated in a three-way pot with an unknown player and Scott. Sercok held [Ax] [Kx], the unknown player held [Ax] [Qx] and Scott had the slight lead with pocket tens. She had to dodge Broadway cards for her hand to hold and she did, sending Serock to the rail and pushing her stack over 100,000.

Massey and Fish played a hand that saw Massey move above the average chip count and left Fish short stacked. Massey opened from early position, Fish three-bet and Massey called. They checked the Q J 9 flop, the T came on the turn and Massey bet 5,000. Fish called after a short delay and the river came K. Massey put Fish all in, Fish tank-folded and after some prodding Massey showed pocket deuces and would have been playing the board.

Roy won the last WPT Championship late last year but will have to fire a second bullet to repeat as champion. Roy four-bet shoved preflop  and was called by a player holding A Q. Roy tabled pocket eights but watched the board fall T 9 8 7 J and the river shipped the pot to his opponent making a straight.


PartyPoker WPT Canadian Spring Championship Day 1a Chip Counts

  1. Philippe Boucher – 278,100
  2. Jeff Gross – 232,800
  3. Danny Suled – 190,000
  4. Upeshka Manishan De Silva – 184,500
  5. Christian Harder – 176,600
  6. Farid Jattin – 161,000
  7. Poorya Nazari – 156,000
  8. Martin Raus – 144,600
  9. Bryan Piccioll – 123,700
  10. Kara Scott 121,500
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