WPT: Record-Setting Day 1B in Prague

O'Dwyer could help his POY score with a deep run in Prague

The World Poker Tour expected a big turnout for Day 1B of the first-ever WPT Prague Main Event, but they probably weren’t expecting the record-setting day at the tables.  After 231 runners turned up for Day 1A action, 337 players took their shot on Day 1B action, bringing the total number of entries to 568.  That makes the tournament the biggest European WPT event ever, besting the 2011 WPT Vienna field, which drew 555 players.  The large field means a large prize pool of €1,753,200 with the winner taking home €450,000. The top 63 finishers will all make the money.

Several of the players in the Day 1B field are re-entries who busted on Day 1A and wanted to give it another go.  For players like Andy Frankenberger, Marvin Rettenmaier, Toby Lewis, Byron Kaverman, Sam El Sayed, and Ivan Freitez, the second effort ended the same as the first.  Other players who re-entered fared much better, such as Eugene Katchalov, Michael McDonald, Michael Tureniec, and Steve O’Dwyer, who ended the day towards the top of the leaderboard.

O’Dwyer finished with an impressive 241,000 chips, but that is a ways away from the bounty held by the overall chip leader headed into Day 2, Casey Kastle.  Kastle ended the day with a huge lead over the rest of the field and 356,800 chips to his name.  Most of them were won in a giant pot against Turneiec late in the day.  The two got in a preflop raising war that resulted in Kastle moving all-in with pocket aces and Tureniec calling with pocket queens.  The rockets held for Kastle and he raked in the pot, worth more than ten times the 30,000-chip starting stack.

Several players ended with big stacks compared to Day 1A chip leader Jan Ramik’s 209,300 chips. There were five players who ended the day with more than 200,000 chips.  Kastle’s next closest competitor is Nikolai Sears with 262,800 chips, which means Kastle will begin Day 2 with a nearly 100,000-chip advantage over the field.

Tureniec still survived the day with a relatively healthy 100,000.  Other notables with above-average stacks heading into Day 2 include Martins Adeniya (205,000), Mortiz Kranich (139,200), and Kevin Iacofano (133,400).  There were 124 Day 1B survivors in total.  Combined with the 93 Day 1A survivors, that means 217 players will be back in action for Day 2 on Saturday.

Here are the top ten official chip counts from the end of Day 1B in Prague:

1. Casey Kastle – 356,800
2. Nikola Sears – 262,800
3. Karen Saruisyan – 252,900
4. Steve O’Dwyer – 241,000
5. Martins Adeniya – 205,000
6. Steven Thomsen – 199,200
7. Paul Pires-Trigo – 196,400
7. Stanislav Kretz – 196,400
9. JuliusSepman – 182,300
10. Yury Gulyy – 160,900

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