WPT: Robert Boyko Leads after Day 1A at the Borgata Poker Open

Ryan D'Angelo had a strong Day 1A at the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open.

The first day of play at the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open $3,500 No Limit Hold’em Main Event is in the books and 374 players entered (and in some cases re-entered) during eight levels of play. The overnight chip leader is Robert Boyko and he paces the field with 173,100. In addition to being set up quite well for a deep run in the tournament Boyko took home $10,000 in cash as a prize from Borgata. Other top stacks include Kyle Frey with 168,025, Chad Power with 158,250, Michael Melkerson with 148,900, and Lloyd Mandel with 147,575.

Big names that are still in the hunt include Ryan D’Angelo, Jared Hamby, Dwyte Pilgrim, Cornel Cimpan, Tony Dunst, Cherish Andrews, Eric Baldwin, Steve Brecher, Carlos Mortensen, Allen Cunningham, Barry Greenstein, David Williams, and Allen Kessler.

D’Angelo started his march to a big stack when a board reading 7 4 2 8 sat on the table along with a pot worth 8,300 and D’Angelo bet 5,200 on the hijack. A player in middle position tanked and then called. The river was dealt 7 and D’Angelo fired out 45,000. His opponent called all in and D’Angelo flipped over 8 8. His opponent mucked and he is out of the tournament. D’Angelo held 98,300 and he built on that momentum throughout the night to end with more than 115,000.

Table 8 was a pretty tough table tonight and as things progressed it became pretty red as well as a result of the most comical situation of the day. Steve Brecher and Roland Israelashvili were joined by Dwyte Pilgrim and Billy Pilossoph after dinner as tables broke throughout the room. As Dwyte was taking his seat at the table another player seated across from him spilled a glass of dark red wine into the felt. A player at the table then called out “Emergency cocktails” to try and get the attention of the waitress in an attempt to procure napkins. The mess was eventually cleaned up, but the felt was stained red for the rest of the night.

Notables that were eliminated during the day included Jeff Madsen, Michael Sica, Will Failla, Irv Gotti, Amanda Musumeci, Matt Glantz, Steve Dannenman, Gavin Smith, Andy Frankenberger, and October Nine chip leader Jesse Sylvia.

Failla had the most interesting elimination hand of the day, as he moved all in blind on his final hand of the evening. He shoved from middle position and David Williams folded 3 2 faceup from the small blind. “If I had anything else I would have called,” said Failla. Jake Schwartz called and they flipped over their cards.

Failla: J J
Schwartz: A 3

Board: A 9 6 6 5

“I got it in good. He sucked out, what can I say,” Failla said as he got up from the table to a round of laughter after the hand.

Day 1B takes place at the Borgata on Monday, and more players than today are expected. Check back in at the end of play for another recap of the action from BLUFF.

Day 1A Top Chip Counts:

  1. Robert Boyko – 173,100
  2. Kyle Frey – 168,250
  3. Chad Power – 158,250
  4. Michael Melkerson – 148,900
  5. Lloyd Mandel – 147,575
  6. Barry Greenstein – 144,250
  7. Darren Elias – 137,525
  8. Shawn Cunix – 133,000
  9. Tony Dunst – 125,100
  10. Carlos Mortensen – 123,825
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